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Jerry - 2004-2018
At the Rainbow Bridge

At the Rainbow Bridge

Our beautiful sweet Jerry crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on Dec 22, 2018. He came to us from Pugalug in April 2015 when he was 11 years old. Although he was already a senior pug when we adopted him, it was like he had always been our pug. He settled into our home and life right away that we couldn't even imagine a time when he wasn't ours.

Jerry was very clever and had a strong mind of his own. Anyone who ever had the pleasure of walking him knew that we went where Jerry decided he wanted to go. He loved long meandering walks stopping often to sniff and greet other dogs and their humans. He was extremely social and captured the heart of anyone who met him.

Jerry had the absolute sweetest and positive temperament! In the last year Jerry had a number of medical emergencies due to complications from his diabetes as well as losing his sight and having limited hearing. Despite this he was happy everyday, living his life to the fullest up until the day he decided that it was time to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Jerry had travelled down to South Florida with us for the Christmas Holidays. His last days were spent snuggling with his Grandpa on the drive down, sleeping in the warm sun on the lanai and sniffing in the ocean air.

When we adopted Jerry, many asked about why we adopted a senior dog, particularly given that we had just lost our 16.5 year old pug Biscuit. But then and now, we consider ourselves the lucky ones to be able to give Jerry all the best in his senior years. We treasure the 4 years we were able to spend with Jerry. He added so much love and laughter into our home.

Run free Jerry! Biscuit is there to help you cross over. You are definitely Super Pug!!!! We love you and miss you deeply. Love your Mama and Daddy.


Happy Tails, May 5, 2015

Jerry has settled in very nicely with his new pug parents. We couldn't be luckier as Jerry is a dream dog. He is always happy, listens very well and eager to please. At 11 years old, we had expected that Jerry might not be that active. But no one told Jerry that he is no longer a puppy -- he absolutely loves going for walks, playing with his toys, being chased around the kitchen island and generally running around the house. He also enjoys his quiet time sitting in a comfy chair or couch and looking out the window.

Jerry is a very social dog and has enjoyed meeting family, friends and neighbours. We have received many compliments on his wonderful personality and behavior. Although it has only been a couple of weeks, we feel like he has always been part of our family. Anytime we are away from Jerry, we can hardly wait to get back home to receive his happy squeals and kisses as he greets us at the door. Jerry is a very special pug and we look forward to giving him a loving and happy home for many years.


Although Jerry is a senior dog, don't let that stop you from adopting this amazing guy. He is full of life, in good physical shape and well trained. Jerry had surgery for dental and lump removal. He had almost all of his teeth removed; he only has four left. Jerry will require regular mouth rinsing to discourage pockets of food remaining. He eats soft food and kibble soaked in water. His lumps were all benign and there is no concern. Jerry will require regular ear maintenance and eye drops daily.

Jerry knows his basic commands and obliges. He loves to walk and is very good on his harness. He also really enjoys car rides. We feel that it is important that Jerry be allowed to sleep in the big bed; he enjoys this very much and is excited at bed time to get up and settled. There has to be room for his stuffed puppy, too. Puppy is very important to Jerry.

Jerry enjoys the company of his foster brothers but likes to be the centre of attention. He wiggles between them to make sure he gets his share of attention. Jerry currently lives with two pugs but we understand he did live with a bigger dog in his previous home.

It took Jerry about a week to settle in his foster home and get used to the new food, the routine and foster brothers and parents. Once he did, he acts like he has always been here. Jerry loves to play with toys but sleeps quite a bit.

Jerry enjoys his time outside in a fenced yard or on walks at his pace. He needs to enjoy his surroundings and likes to stop and smell the new smells and explore. Jerry sits in his chair and likes to look out the window. He barks at dogs going by or when he hears strange noises.

Jerry needs a family who is going to love him forever, maintain his senior, pug health and provide him with positive, mental stimulation.

Introduction, March 11, 2015

Jerry arrived in a Pugalug foster home from an animal shelter. He was surrendered because his family could no longer provide him with the care he needs. It appears, however, that he was loved very much.

Jerry is 11 years old and full of the joys of life. He is smart, confident and very funny. He came with a stuffed "puppy" who is almost as big as Jerry is and Puppy goes everywhere with Jerry.

Jerry gets along very well with his two foster pugs and is very good with the cat. He is social and polite. Jerry knows his basic commands and obliges (most of the time) for a treat.

It was rumoured that Jerry was food aggressive, but from his first meal in his foster home with continual checks, he has let us touch his food, and remove his bowl and return it without any incidents except for "the look" that we get because he thinks that is a weird thing to do. Jerry's transition to healthy food has been a bit of a challenge. We have finally found food that he will eat, but it took some time.

Jerry has some medical problems that will be dealt with this week. He is in need of major dental work. Jerry has a small growth on the inside corner of his eye that is going to be removed at the same time. He also has some lumps which we have discovered are benign. If his surgery is going well, they will also be removed. It is going to be an extensive surgery and he would appreciate positive thoughts for a quick recovery.

We will let you know how he is doing after his surgery. Welcome to Pugalug Jerry!