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Henree - 16 Month Old Male
In Foster Care

Foster Update, February 8, 2020

Henree has come through his three surgeries (all done at the same time) with flying colours. His hernia is repaired, he is now neutered and his lump turned out to be nothing serious.

He continues to progress with his house training and marking and is almost entirely free of the belly band.

We are going to be working on his tendency to bark at a number of things and teach him some play skills. He's VERY playful, but he can get overly aroused and begin to play too roughly.

He loves to sleep in the big bed and is a very snuggly guy, if a bit of a bed hog.



Foster Update, January 23, 2020

Henree has begun to settle although he is still fairly vocal about a number of things. He has done fine with resident dogs although has had to learn to modify his somewhat over-the-top play style as he can get revved up and then gets yelled at by Beau and Jo.

He had his first vet visit for a pre-neuter exam and he has a few issues going on. He has an umbilical hernia that we will repair during his neuter and he has a lump that will likely have to be removed. We have sent out a sample to see if we can figure out what kind of lump it is, but will probably remove it in any case.

He also has luxating patella in both knees with the left being somewhat more serious than the right knee. At this point, it only has created some on again off again limping on the left leg, but is not significantly impairing his day-to-day mobility. While it may need to be corrected at some point, this is not a priority given that it is not impacting his mobility.

He is a bit on the thin side but is eating like a champ and enjoys his meals and his treats. He's a playful and happy man overall, although he shows some anxiety when the humans leave the house so we will be monitoring that going forward.

He is very affectionate and enjoys his affection. He is a very sweet little man who should thrive with some training and stability.



Introduction, January 14, 2020

Here's ... Henree!! A-16-month old intact long-legged pug cross, Henree is full of life and can jump onto furniture in a single bound. A typical teenager, he needs consistent boundaries and lots of positive reinforcement for his many good behaviours. He loves walkies and is great on leash. Not having been exposed to many dogs in his past, he is integrating well with the resident dogs although he hasn't grasped the concept of playing with them yet. He needs to learn not to hump and sniff the female, a behaviour we hope will stop after he is neutered in a few weeks. Henree's more of a person dog and endears himself quickly to his humans, needing to be close at all times. When he's displeased (e.g. when crated or separated from his people), he is very vocal and his shrieks could take the paint off the walls. While he's mostly clean in the house now, he still has to wear a belly band until his foster family is 100% sure that he will not mark.

Henree's health is good. His blood work and fecal test came back unremarkable and his limbs are strong. He was negative for Lyme, heartworm, anaplasma and ehrlichia. His teeth are great which is just as well since his underbite shows them off. He had his rabies shot on Monday; upcoming vetting will include neutering, a DHPP and implantation of a microchip. There is a large lump on his back which we believe is a benign lipoma but it will be fine needle aspirated during neuter surgery to make sure. Henree could stand to gain a little weight but is not a big fan of mealtimes. Currently we're feeding him several smaller meals a day, out of his bowl at mealtimes and off the floor in between.

We just love the little heart on his nose!

Once his vetting is done, Henree will make an affectionate companion for an active family, perhaps with children old enough to appreciate his youthful exuberance. Please wait until he is posted as Ready to Adopt before submitting an application.