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Hamlet - 4 Year Old Male

Adopted, December 19, 2017

Hamlet has been adopted!

Home Visit Scheduled

Hamlet has a home visit scheduled!

Applications Closed

We received a large number of applications and have decided to close applications at this time while we review them.

Hamlet is an easygoing pug. He loves meeting new people and other dogs.

Hamlet just had his palate surgery on Tuesday and is recovering well. He's ready for his new forever home!

Hamlet really enjoys his leash walks and the exercise is important to keep him slim and trim. Hamlet is a bit nervous of metal grates/ sewer covers and will always avoid them. He can also be cautious walking over metal thresholds.

Hamlet likes to sleep in his crate at night. When left alone during the day, he will sleep in his crate but also has the run of the house. The crate door stays open.

Hamlet has a double coat and will need to be brushed as a double coat can cause more shedding.

He likes to be around his resident humans as much as possible and if allowed on the sofa Hamlet will jump up on his own to sit with them. He is also happy to sleep in the dog beds. He likes to play with stuffed animals. Another favourite time of the day is mealtime and he will spin around in circles to show his excitement.

Hamlet is a very affectionate dog and loves belly rubs and cuddles. He really is a happy boy!



Foster Update, October 29, 2017

Hamlet recently had his dental procedure. He did great and has recovered from the extractions, cleaning and "nose job" on his nares to give him some more breathing room. The next morning, he was back up and around waiting for his breakfast like nothing had even happened! He's a pretty easy going guy though so it's not all that surprising that he just rolled with the surgical punches without missing a beat. In fact, Hamlet is so laid back that he will even go for a walk in the horrifying, disgusting, pug and wicked witch melting...rain!! It's quite impressive actually.

Don't let his relaxed attitude fool you though. Hamlet is no slouch when it comes to learning new things. So far, he has learned "sit" and "down" as well as "wait", which is used for mealtimes, and the release command "okay". Hamlet also has wonderful social skills and loves meeting new people and dogs while out and about. When we're at home, Hamlet enjoys playing with stuffy toys and we recently bought him a new stuffed acorn toy - the kind that has chipmunks hidden inside. He loves trying to get the little stuffies out and it's fun to watch him figure it out as well.

Next up Hamlet is going to have his soft palate examined to see if he needs an additional surgery to help with his breathing. If so, we will get that scheduled shortly. He also needs one more vaccination, but once we have everything squared away, Hamlet will be ready for adoption!





Introduction, September 29. 2017

Welcome handsome Hamlet!

Hamlet is 4 years old and neutered. He came to Pugalug as an owner surrender just under 2 weeks ago and has settled in quiet well. He has been getting along well with the resident female pug and loves to meet new friends, both human and canine. So far, his favourite activities are eating, going on walks, belly rubs and sleeping. As a typical velcro pug, he also loves being in the same location as his foster family, especially the resident teenager. However, Hamlet isn't demanding when it comes to attention and is happy just to snuggle beside you on the sofa, if you're willing to help him get up there of course. He'll even cuddle up while you brush him, which is a wonderful way to reduce the shedding from his double coat!

Recently, Hamlet went in for his vet check and updated his rabies vaccine. It was a pretty uneventful vet visit. Hamlet weighed in at a perfect 17lbs and we aim to keep it that way! Thankfully, he loves carrots and will spin around in circles with anticipation. He does need a dental, as all pugs usually do, and one has been scheduled for next month. Hamlet also received some pampering at the local paw spa with the bath and mani/pedi special! Not surprisingly, Hamlet did wonderfully at both the vet and the spa and charmed everyone with his personality!

He isn't just personality though. From the moment he arrived, it was clear that Hamlet was a smart little puggy too! For instance, he was initially a little scared of the stairs and would whimper to be carried up and down. He didn't let it stop him for long and I'm proud to say that Hamlet has mastered the stairs and will now go up and down on his own. He's pretty proud of himself too! Our family was pretty impressed that Hamlet has not had a single accident since arriving in foster care, but we were amazed at how quickly he learned to find the door and will now sit by it to let us know that he needs to go out.

I'll end Hamlet's introduction with a very cute story. In our house, we have lots of dog toys - more than enough to satisfy two pugs. Now Hamlet, he likes our toys, but they are nothing like his FAVOURITE toy - the one that came with him when he arrived. He adores that toy and I like to think that it's because it reminds him of his previous family and how they obviously loved him very much.

Please stay tuned for more updates and lots of fresh breath "kisses" from this happy boy in the future!