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Gus - 6 Year Old Male
Happy Tails

Happy Tails, December 15, 2018

We welcomed Gus as our new fur baby almost three weeks ago and he has been an absolute sweetheart! Gus has fit in perfectly and enjoys getting many pets and much attention from the three of us. He plays with his toys and is making friends with other dogs in our neighbourhood. We went on a shopping spree with Gus last weekend and got him a new harness and coat and many new treats that he enjoys after his walks.

Needless to say, we are very happy and so is Gus. We can tell by how chill he is - he is clearly very at home with his forever family!



Gus has been adopted.

Adoption Pending

Gus has had a home visit and his adoption is pending.

Applications Closed

Applications for Gus are now closed. There will be an update when a home visit is scheduled. Please stand by!

Gus is a healthy, happy 6 year old male pug. If his soulful brown eyes don't draw you in, you'll be won over by his boisterous charm minutes after meeting him!

While in foster care he had a dental cleaning with 16 extractions. He has a tendency to develop wax and yeast in both his ears, however his ears are not infected nor do they bother him. Regular cleaning of his ears will help to prevent future problems from occurring.

Gus enjoys chewing and suckling small plush toys and will occasionally partake in a Nylabone should one be available. Ensuring there is a ready supply of toys will help keep this busy boy from finding mischief!

Gus has had limited interactions with children since entering foster care, but there is no reason to believe children will pose a problem in his life. However, small children would not be appropriate housemates, as they would easily be knocked over by Gus due to his size and boisterous demeanour.

Gus would be happy as an only dog, but would also do well in a home with another pug. However, continual monitoring of their interactions will be required over the first few months. Gus has a history of resource guarding both people and toys. An experienced pug owner will be familiar with this behaviour but someone less experienced may find this a little overwhelming.

Gus has had very limited exposure to other breeds of dogs during his life and as a result can be very unreliable with breeds other than pugs. While a home with another pug would be fine, a home with another breed of dog would not be appropriate.

He is terrible with cats! This is not a behaviour he will 'outgrow' or 'get over'. He will chase cats with the intention of harming them. A home with cats or a home that would like to consider cats in the future would not be appropriate for Gus.

Although Gus enjoys spending most of his time with his people, spending a few hours alone each day shouldn't be a problem. He crates like a champ, but can also be trusted with access to the home (providing it has been pug proofed) if left alone for a little while. He is equally happy sharing the big bed or sleeping in a kennel (providing the kennel is in the bedroom) -- whichever is on offer. He's relatively quiet and would do well in either a house or a condo. He is fully housetrained and has been accident free since entering foster care. He will bark at his people when he needs to go outside, but as with all dogs, a regular bathroom schedule is advisable.

Gus is a truly delightful pug and it's been a pleasure to share my life with him over these last months. He will be an absolute gem of a companion for any one lucky enough to adopt him!



Foster Update, August 27, 2018

Since our last update, Gus went for his first check up since joining Pugalug. His heart and lungs sound good, he has no musculoskeletal issues of note and his blood work was absolutely uneventful. In addition to needing a dental the professional diagnosis is Gus suffers from 'tuna-ism'. He has the aura of a waist, but still needs to lose 1-2lbs and is therefore still a tuna.

Gus had his dental cleaning yesterday and is sporting a pearly white smile with breath as fresh as a warm summer breeze. He had a total of 16 teeth removed due to various degrees of decay, root exposure and general pug-ism. His diet is restricted to soft foods for the next 10-14 days while his gums heal and his sutures dissolve. Gus has no complaints about the diet change -- he's enjoying his custom made soft food. There's nothing quite like a little pampering to make a pug feel special!

Now that Gus is feeling more settled, he's comfortable sharing some of his opinions more openly. For example, he's of the opinion that cats are clearly not to be trusted. You may bark or growl at them and most certainly chase them -- but never, ever trust them. Cats are shady. Gus would prefer a world without them, thank you very much.

Gus has little patience for political correctness and will brazenly share his beliefs -- and he believes the world would be a better place without other dog breeds. There -- he said it. It may not be a popular opinion, but it's Gussy's and he's not going to be quiet about it. His reasoning is complicated but it seems to have something to do with a lack of socialization in early life. This has lead to an embarrassing social faux pas or two! However, Gus has agreed (albeit reluctantly) to work on his 'issues'.

Gus is a lovely, affectionate little man who is happiest when he's with his people. He's playful and energetic but will gladly put that aside to lie in a lap. If the resident pug is in the way he simply uses his girth to body check her. If she's less than half his size and becomes airborne as a result, I'm sure it's just an oversight...




Introduction, August 9, 2018

Gus (Gussy, Gustav or Goose) moved into his temporary residence 3 weeks ago and has spent his time getting to know the resident pug while settling into a new routine. Initially he expressed his opinions about sharing people, beds and food but those issues have been quickly and uneventfully resolved.

Gus is happy being busy or relaxing on the couch, whichever is on offer! He's a typical 'Shadow Pug' following his person wherever they go -- including the bathroom. He doesn't hesitate to let it be known that he wants to be fussed; he simply paws your hand until you get the message. If you stop before he's finished, he'll paw you again to remind you of the task at hand!

While comfortable spending time alone, like most pugs Gus is happiest when he's with his person. He's taken to crate training like a champ; a few well-timed treats go a long way! He does enjoy a good dive under the covers of the big bed; anyone hoping to share a bed with him should be prepared to have their legs licked at random intervals during the night.

He's expressed interest in the resident cats but sadly the interest isn't mutual. I think if given the chance to meet them, his interest would likely wane. He's met a multitude of different dog breeds but hands down pugs are by far his favourite. Call him breedist if you will, but Gussy knows what he likes!

At 24.4lbs Gus is a bit of a tuna; his ideal weight should be closer to 22lbs. With his new diet and no shortage of exercise the weight loss will undoubtedly happen soon enough. Gus is due to have his initial veterinary check-up in the coming week, which will include full blood work. Another update will be coming with news from that visit!