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Gunner - 2 Year Old Male
In Foster Care

Foster Update, November 5, 2018

Gunner went in to see my vet to get a series of X-rays done to see if we can figure out why he has a limp on his right hind leg. While he was there, I also had his left front leg x-rayed (he tends to toe in pretty seriously on that leg) and his bladder. I wanted to be sure we didn't have any bladder stones hiding away in there.

The good news is his left front leg is fine and his bladder shows no signs of stones. The bad news is his hips are terrible. We were referred to a surgeon, who we went to see today, to explore our options for him since both sides are bad. In the meantime, we will manage his pain with anti-inflammatories.

Gunner was assessed by Dr. Saundra Hewitt at West Toronto Veterinary Surgery on Monday, Nov. 5th. While his x-rays are terrible, his function is actually quite good. He can sit squarely, move fairly well, and has decent range of motion (admittedly this is while on Metacam). So Dr. Hewitt feels that the wisest course would be to do an FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) on his right leg which is the one he favours when not on meds. We will see how he progresses before any decision is made about his left leg.

This link will explain FHO surgery:


However, because Gunner has had a flare up with skin and ears, she wants to wait until his allergy symptoms are better before doing surgery. We aren't sure why he has had a skin and ear flare up but it is possible it's a reaction to either the flavouring in the Metacam or the pill pockets we've been using. For now, we will eliminate the pill pockets and see how he goes.

He remains one of the sweeter dogs I've fostered and continues to have a very sweet relationship with my female pug and especially with my young mutt, Beau.



Foster Update, October 20, 2018

Gunner has continued to do well here and now that he has an anxiety medication (fluoxetine), he is beginning to make progress with his reactivity to a variety of things. We mostly have his allergies under control, but this will need to be monitored going forward.

Gunner continues to have some on-again-off-again hind-end limping. Tania Costa at the Canine Wellness Centre assessed his mobility and recommended strengthening exercises. He does have a great deal of tenderness in his groin area, which may be from compensating in his limping. He is scheduled for an x-ray to explore the causes of this pain.

He has made fast friends with all of my dogs, but continues to be quite reactive and anxious to strange dogs, especially when out for walks on leash. He is making progress, but this will potentially be an ongoing worry.

He has had no house-training issues or concerns when left at home without any humans. He certainly enjoys sharing the big bed with both canines and humans. He is an extremely sweet and affectionate boy who loves a good snuggle with any member of his foster family.



Foster Update

Gunner has settled in well here and is adjusting to living in a multi-dog household. His allergies seem to be doing well on his limited ingredient diet and he has made excellent progress with his worry about things like nails and general handling.

However, we still have a few struggles. He rarely drinks any kind of fluid from a bowl. We've experimented with different bowls and tried stock and ice cubes, but he literally almost never drinks and when he does, it is not sufficient to keep him safely hydrated. At this point, we keep him hydrated by flooding his food at every meal and this has improved his urinary status.

He also shows some significant reactivity to other dogs he doesn't know, especially on leash, and can be quite reactive to noises.

Fortunately, we have no had any major struggles with house training, separation anxiety or destructiveness which had been reported by his former owner.

So, we are going to try some anxiety meds (fluoxetine) with Gunner to see if we can bring down his general levels of anxiety and if that can impact his ability to both be less stressed in the face of his triggers and be more able to improve with the counter conditioning that we are using.

He is not an anxious mess, but he does have fear-based reactivity and we'd like to be able to improve his life if we can. The meds can take 6 to 8 weeks to be fully therapeutic.

Gunner is one of the sweetest dogs we've fostered and there is no nasty in him, but he does have a few hurdles to overcome and so will be remaining in foster care for some time while we work with him.

Gunner is Tired

Foster Update, August 28, 2018

Gunner continues to do well here with a couple of hiccups. He was supposed to go in for surgery to remove two lumps (one on his cheek and one on his neck), but by the time of the surgery, both lumps had shrunk or disappeared so we will monitor him to see if the re-appear.

He has had some urinary issues involving higher than normal pH levels, some struvite crystals and an abnormally high urinary concentration. This appears to be entirely due to the fact that Gunner almost never drinks. We aren't sure why that is, but for now his food is flooded with water or stock and we will hope that we can get him to voluntarily begin to drink water. His last urinalysis did show a lowered pH and fewer struvites, but his concentration was still too high.

Gunner can be quite anxious around dogs he does not know, but has done well with careful introductions. He likely will never be a dog that can happily go to a dog park, but lives happily here with three other dogs. He can be a bit overwhelming in his play style, but is learning to moderate his roughness.

His house training has been fine here and he has shown no serious signs of anxiety when left home without humans around. This had been an issue in his previous home, but so far, we haven't seen this.

He is very affectionate and very much a velcro dog. He has a decided preference for licking his humans, and given the chance, will give you a thorough cleaning.


Foster Update, August 8, 2018

Gunner has hit a bit of a glitch in terms of health. I noticed he was favouring his right hind leg and noticed that his urine seemed off. So we ran him into the vet for a check up. We think he may have pulled a muscle as his knees are okay and his cruciate seems fine. He did have some resistance to a full extension from the hip, but that may be related to a sore muscle. So he's on anti-inflammatories for now with reduced exercise. And he has struvite crystals, but no infection. This is likely due to the fact that he is not a big drinker. We will encourage his water consumption and retest his urine in a week or so.

He also has two bumps...one on his chest and one on his face. We are going to have these removed and sent to histopathology just to be on the safe side. If he is still limpy when he goes in for his lump removal, we will x-ray him while he is under for surgery to check for any hip issues.

We have been working on his dog to dog social skills as he is often uncertain around dogs he doesn't know well and can present badly by hackling up, freezing and staring. We haven't seen any overt nastiness in him, but he needs careful introductions to new dogs and some monitoring. This seems to be more a matter of lack of skills as opposed aggression. While he has done fine with my dogs, we were very careful with the intros and my dogs are all old hands at dealing with foster dogs who may have some issues.



Foster Update, July 25, 2018

Gunny (Gunner) has had his veterinary assessment and passed with flying colours. Blood work all normal, no parasites and no obvious health issues. He was very good for his vet appt, but was clearly afraid. We will work on having some "just for fun" visits so we can begin to make the vet's office less stressful.

His weight is 10.3 kgs...which is a not bad weight for him. He is out of shape, however, and gets tired quickly keeping up with my active crew. He will certainly become more fit as he romps and plays with the resident dogs.

He continues to be a very sweet fellow and is settling well. We haven't seen any anxiety about being without the humans as had been seen in his previous home, but we are going slowly with this and in some dogs it doesn't show up until they've with a home long to care when you leave.

He gets very excited about his walks and vocalizes and grabs the leash in excitement. He does have pretty decent leash skills.

He is a classic pug licker...and regularly cleans my husband's legs and my arms--especially when settling in for sleep. He does sleep on the big bed with us and the other dogs and other than being a bit of bed hog, he has been very easy to sleep with.



Introduction, Jul 12, 2018

Meet Gunner. He is a two year old neutered male with lots of energy and fun in him. While he's only been in foster care a short time, he is making fast friends with the youngest dog of the house (who is about 16 months old) and is learning the way of things.

He has some allergy issues which we will work on and his house training needs a bit of work, but overall he has settled in well. He's a bigger pug, tall and long.

We will be working with him over the following weeks to teach manners and general skills as well as assessing any other needs he may have.