360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Gigi - (2002?)-2018
At the Rainbow Bridge

At the Rainbow Bridge

Gigi had a very unique pleasing personality. She never complained. So contented with her life!! She could get fiery if any other doggie friends tried to bug her. Now thinking of her, she had a very, very strong character! She looked very fragile but had a very tough personality!

Gigi was very close to her Pug brother Buddy who passed almost two years ago at the age of seventeen. I know she missed him a lot. Other than that she had a full happy life to the end. She loved her food!! With that long tongue she gulped the food like there was no tomorrow. The only time she barked was during her meal times. Could not wait. She was also a good traveller and travelled a bit in Ontario with brother Buddy. She didn't like to walk. Halfway, she would turn back as if to say "That's enough. Let's go home".

I am so proud of her. Until the last day of her living life in this world, she did her pee on the pee pad. She did not wet the bed even once!

Gigi loved kids and puppies and was very patient. She always loved to sit right by my grandkids. She'd come and plop herself next to them!!!! When they played, she was right in the middle of them, like she understood kids and their behaviour. She was one of a kind. Gigi, Buddy and I shared very special years. Bless her soul!!