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Evie - 9 Months Old
Happy Tails

Happy Tails

Evie here to update you on how my life is with my new family. I have been with them now for almost 5 months and am pleased to announce that I was able to train them quite quickly.

They understand my Princess position in the family and appreciate that 'I' choose when and where I will sit or lay. It may be on someone's lap, paperwork, computer or pillow and they know that I don't tolerate anything interfering with my cuddle time. I have multiple cushy beds around the house, but a lap is my favourite place to be. I believe that the universe revolves around my needs, which often includes retrieving my toys from the floor (back on to the couch), the floor (back on to the bed) or from under either the bed or couch and anything that I want, I express that I want it 'NOW'. My mom never gets my meals fast enough and I repeatedly tell her so (I'm sure she takes her time because she enjoys my shrill barking).

I go for long walks in a forested area every morning with my dog brothers. We run and sniff and try to catch squirrels. I have lots of other dog companions that I meet there. I'm especially fond of my one fur brother. He is my best friend and has been since the day that I met him. He is tall, handsome and wrestles with me like I'm a big dog. I pull on his ears and lips and nip at his ankles; it is great fun! And he kisses me, which I love! I just close my eyes and let him wash my face. My other canine brother has started to wrestle with me too, though he just lays on his back and I jump all over him. Our best wrestling occurs on our mom's bed in the morning.

We also have three cats in our family. I can't exactly figure out these long tailed creatures. The one rubs up against me. It's quite peculiar. Another frequently kisses me (though I believe this is because he is cleaning me in preparation to eat me!). The third just ignores me and my dog brothers altogether.

My girls are 8 and 12 and I get so excited when they come home. The little one is my good pal and my number one cuddle companion. She is also my bath buddy; if she has a bath, then so do I. I jump right in myself or bark at her if she doesn't let me. The big one likes to wrestle with me and I spend most days protecting her bed for her while she is at school.

Our family spends weekends at the cottage and I love it there! One of my fur brothers has taught me to swim and retrieve rocks (skills apparently natural for him as a Golden Retriever). I swim quite well and don't need the lifejacket that my family bought for me, although they make me wear it when I go on the paddleboard or the boat. I don't mind it and it actually does make swimming easier. I understand that I am not supposed to be able to swim nor should I like it, but I sure do!

My hip is doing great. I run a lot to keep my leg strong and my mommy deprives me of most of the treats that I demand in order to keep my weight under control. She is mean that way!

I am pretty much a family girl and am not keen on spending time with anyone else, though people always want to because I am so 'pug-a-licious' (that is what my mom says). We occasionally bump into people in the neighbourhood who seem to know about me. I'm famous I suppose!

I am looking forward to all the holidays coming up because if they are anything like my first birthday party, then they will be great. For Hallowe'en, I have a Minion costume which makes me feel silly, but everyone fusses when I have it on so I will tolerate it.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my update, but I have to go; the couch and cushion are calling my name!

Love, kisses and snuffles!



Evie has abeed adopted! Hopefully we'll get a Happy Tails soon.

Home Visit Scheduled

Evie has a home visit scheduled! Please stand by for more info.

Applications Closed

We have received many applications for Evie. We are now closing applications. Please stand by for more information.

Evie is now almost 9 months old and weighs 15 lbs. She is looking for an active family and will fill your home with pure joy.

Little Evie came into rescue with a broken leg. She required surgery to repair it. Poor girl also had a very bad virus, which was taken care of with medication. She has recovered wonderfully. Evie had her recheck two weeks ago and the doctor was very happy with her recovery. She is walking and running perfectly fine.

Evie is always ready to play and does move a lot. She enjoys playing fetch with a stick. Evie plays well with dogs, but will jump up on them to get their attention. She LOVES to run on the trails with her foster fur brothers. She does bark when she sees other dogs and pull to get to them. Evie also barks when she wants your attention or food. She is good on leash, but still requires continued training to not pull when seeing other dogs. Evie is still a puppy and will also require continued training to control her jumping and mouthing stage.

Evie is a very happy, energetic puppy that loves to play with her toys and enjoys the game of tug. Evie LOVES her special duck toy, but is very tough on her toys, wanting to 'destroy' them. Evie loves to meet new people and was a big hit at the Pugalug Booth at Pet Expo. She was offering kisses to everyone who stopped to say hi.

Evie will play with her carrots before eating them. She likes to sometimes toss her kibble on the floor to eat it instead of just the boring way of eating from the bowl. She will sit with you while chewing on a bone or toy, but does move around a lot of the time.

Evie sleeps in her crate at bedtime plus anytime she is left alone.

She is good with kids and dogs. Evie got along great with the house cat at the Vet clinic, but hasn't had exposure to other cats.

Evie is a very outgoing, confident girl who wants to explore the world and has lots of love and joy to offer!

Foster Update, April 13, 2015

Our little Evie (aka "Evie Squeezie") is doing awesome. She was in to see Dr. Miller last week for her recheck on the leg and he confirmed that she is recovering well. There is nothing else to do except continue with her maintenance therapy. She had her spay done four weeks ago now and that has healed well except for a small suture reaction that will clear up shortly on its own.

Evie had a therapy session done on Friday, but due to her suture reaction, we decided not to put her in the water for the hydrotherapy portion. They did exercise her outside of the water instead along with a laser treatment. She did a great job and will be going weekly for the remaining sessions.

Evie is such a happy energetic little puppy. She is now up to 15 lbs and looking so beautiful. She loves to run on the trails with all her foster fur brothers and has a fantastic recall. She is very strong player when it comes to tug of war with her favourite toy, the "Duck." She also loves to be with her people as well and would love to be in a fun, active family who also knows how to cuddle up on the couch for some good ol' pug snuggles too!

Foster Update, February 23, 2015

We have had Evie for a couple weeks now and she is just a doll. Her house training is going well. We have been taking her out every 2-3 hours and so far, we have been accident free! She doesn't dawdle either. As soon as we let her out, she goes right outside to her favourite spot and pees then she moves a little further away for her poo. She's like clockwork; a godsend in the frigid, snowy tundra that is our backyard. Another bonus is that her hair has begun to regrow on her leg; something she appreciates these days, I'm sure!!

Evie continues to heal well, although she overdid it a little last weekend. It was Family Day when I first noticed that she was shifting her weight to her good leg when standing. I explained my observations to the vet during Evie's therapy session on Tuesday. They also noticed that she was guarding her injured leg while working on the water treadmill and decided to cut her session a little short to do some laser therapy. They also weighed her and she is now a healthy 13 lbs! After therapy, Evie was a bit sore so the vet suggested that I give her Medicam, which is a great anti-inflammatory and it worked like a charm. She was far less sore by the evening and enjoyed lots of cuddles and naps! To make sure that she doesn't overdo it again, we are restricting her playtime with her fur-sibling (who she LOVES very much) and keeping her leashed at all times. We will continue with her daily exercises to encourage her to put weight on her injured leg again. She was still favouring her good leg when she went for therapy on Thursday, thus they repeated the laser therapy and that seemed to help because she wasn't as sore afterwards and didn't need her Medicam. Unfortunately, she was still shifting her weight, but hopefully that will improve in the coming days or weeks. Everyone at the vet's office loves Evie, even the office cat is a fan. Of course, she loves all of them, including every dog that comes into the waiting room. She will often bark and pull on her leash in excitement when she sees other dogs. It's something that we're working on, but it's great to see her being so friendly!

Evie is a funny little girl when it comes to eating. She doesn't like eat her food from the bowl and will instead put it on the floor. She will also eat from our hands if we offer them. I've started adding a tiny bit of sardines or pumpkin or carrot puree in with her kibble and this seems to have resolved the issue. She gobbles up everything in the bowl without a second thought--yippee!

Evie is such a happy-go-lucky gal. Her tail is constantly wagging. When she gets super excited. her long, curly tail goes straight out and wags back and forth so much that her whole bum goes with it. For such a small pug, she has a ginormous tail!

To give her a break, Evie will only be doing one therapy session a week for the coming week at least. We will continue going for walks (weather-permitting) and doing her physio exercises and hopefully she will soon start putting weight on her injured leg.



Foster Update, January 30, 2015

Our adorable little Evie girl had her first vet visit since having leg surgery two weeks ago. They were very happy with her recovery, which her foster family was happy to hear as she is a very exuberant puppy. Evie had her stitches removed and soon will be 'cone' free! Next week, she will be starting her hydrotherapy to help regain mobility and strengthen her leg muscles. She also had her eyes, ears, teeth and respiratory checked, which were all good. At only 6 months old, she has several loose baby teeth, which are ready to fall out any day now.

Overall, Evie is a very happy energetic puppy who loves everyone! She doesn't seem to know that she has a leg problem and wants to play with all her foster fur brothers, both extra large and small. She LOVES her stuffed animals and enjoys 'killing' them with vigor! She does like to mouth hands when playing, but we're working on that and she easily redirects to her stuffed animals. She has been doing well with her house training (her love of snow makes this much easier!). Like any pug, Evie loves eating, but not out of her dish. She has to take her kibble out of the dish and put it on the floor, a few pieces at a time, before she eats it. She'll eat just about any food as well, especially fruits and vegetables!. We're working on crate training. She isn't a fan quite yet and makes a bit of a fuss when we put her in it at night and can't wait to get out in the morning. House-breaking is going much better! She loves snow so it's been easy to convince her to go outside. She hasn't had an accident yet!

Overall, Evie is just a sweetie of a pug and full of beans! She adores her foster mom and the feeling is definitely mutual! Her future forever family will forever be in bliss with this little one in their lives!

Evie  Evie



Introduction, January 19, 2015

New Kid on the Block. Meet Evie. She was surrendered to Pugalug when her owners were unable to afford the care she needed for a broken leg. Unfortunately during surgery, a massive infection was discovered (I'll spare you the gory details) and she has been in hospital for several days. Most worrisome was that the infection turned out to be caused by a flesh eating bacteria. We got to this little girl just in time. The surgeon said that a couple more days and she would have died.

She will hopefully be going to her foster home very soon so look for more updates as this little girl blossoms. She is 6 months old.