360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Doug - 2004-2016
At the Rainbow Bridge

At the Rainbow Bridge

Doug, the entire family, extended family and friends miss you dearly. You touched all of us, with your ability to find hidden objects, retrieve a tennis ball to everyone's amazement or fetch your bear. Most of all it was your kindness and gentle personality to all you crossed paths with(unless it was a squirrel!) Writing this is very hard, knowing that your not their when I get home, I won't hear your snore as your bed lays beside mine at night and I won't see you go round and round for your dinner.

Thank you for sharing our lives and yours with us, no one could ask for a funnier, clever mate as you.

Christina, Luis, Emilio and Paul will miss you dearly, you will live in our hearts.

Go in Peace.