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Dino - 9 Year Old Male
In Foster Care

Foster Update, December 16, 2018

Dino continues to be his merry self. He has recovered perfectly from dental surgery. He's like having a very tiny stage manager in that he doesn't boss you around, but ensures that you understand it would be best if you did things his way, like take him for a car ride.

Dino is an easy little guy, and we have no health or behaviour concerns at all. He still barks at everything that moves outside and doesn't really get why I object to this, but it seems like he thinks it's his job to keep the world on the straight and narrow and doesn't know why I'm being unreasonable about it. I still would not call him a barker, and he's not hyper at all; he's just purposeful. It's the same as his amazingly speedy eating habits-he's not greedy, he's just efficient. All things Dino does are aspects of his excellent, tidy little personality.

Dino needs an eye exam under sedation in the future as the vet thought perhaps one eye had sightly higher pressure than the other, and Dino does not want some dogtor looking at his eyes, thank you very much, so it'll have to be sedated.

I find it hard to put into words what a great little dog Dino is, so I'll leave you with a picture of his majesty, owning all he sees.


Foster Update, November 7, 2018

King Dino, AKA the champion snugglebomber, had dental surgery as well as removal of a couple of fatty lumps from his chest. He lost a lot of teeth as they were pretty foul, but this hasn't slowed him down one iota, and he is exactly the same as before, just with better breath.

We've finally realized that he's almost completely deaf, which he masks very well as he's super attentive to all that's happening and doesn't miss anything. There is no hiding anything from Dino, he's right there for everything.

Dino is really a lovely little dog. He likes to give you morning face hugs, he believes he should go on all the car rides, where he is an absolute angel, and he ensures that no squirrels shall interrupt our walks ever. He is also wonderful to cuddle and gentle, if a little cheerfully bossy. He has a lot of opinions, and one of them is that if you're chopping carrots you must give him a piece.

Dino needs an eye check in the future under sedation as he thinks the vet is Trying To Murder Him, and that will be arranged in the near future.



Foster Update, October 6, 2018

Dino had his first vet visit, which he felt was an affront to his dignity! Dino will need some dental work as his teeth are pretty bad but otherwise he is fine. The vet gave him a bandage that said "Diva" to soothe him.

Dino has a hilarious personality. I would not call him a barker, but he certainly is vocal in his opinions. No squirrels, no cats, and no skunks are allowed outside. Dino will stomp outside first thing in the morning and bark until we see the skunks retreating across the street. All hail the mighty skunk-tamer!

Dino is kind of bossy, but much more in an insistent way than dominant way. He will try to convince you to go to bed when he's ready by standing with a toy and looking at you pleadingly. He really insists on going for a car ride to drop Food Lady off at her bus stop. He eats faster than any dog we've ever met; I timed it and he clocks in at 42 seconds. He's very well behaved and is no trouble at all.

Dino is active and likes walks and playing and belly rubs and snuggling, and he's an absolute joy to have with us. He's truly a special pug.



Introduction, August 1, 2018

Meet Dino the Bambino! Dino is a 9-year-old boy who is simply a delight.

We were given the impression that Dino was a shy boy who would take time to warm up to us. All I can say is that isn't the case at all. Dino is a cheerful riot of a dog who made himself completely at home within an hour. He's happy, cuddly, licky and playful and totally at ease with us, and is his foster mama's little shadow, devotedly keeping her company during a recent illness. He's even kind of bossy, in that he lets all the cats he sees in the neighbourhood know that they are Not Allowed on His Property by barking at them. As you can imagine, the cats aren't terribly intimidated.

Also, Dino eats faster than any dog we've ever met before. If you leave him to it, he seems to just unhinge his jaw like a snake and inhale all his food at a gulp. We are discouraging this, but honestly can't help but be a little impressed, haha. He's quite fit, he's just kind of a frat boy!

Dino will soon have his first vet visit and we'll let you know how he's doing.