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Charlie Brown - 10 Year Old Male
Happy Tails

Happy Tails, September 8, 2019

Charlie has adjusted remarkably well and seems to like his new home quite a bit. He likes his daily walks and, other than becoming very agitated around other dogs, doesn't have any issues. He sleeps well as indicated by his snoring. His appetite is good. He has slimmed down a bit and we found that he really enjoys his kibble mixed with pumpkin, and a bit of an applesauce treat every now and again. He has had no accidents. He really likes the open space with a big window he gets while we're gone to work.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown is a handsome, happy 10 yr. old.

He enjoys going on walks and is good on his leash. He gets excited (sometimes a little too much!) at other dogs and passing bicycles.

Charlie Brown is housetrained and is good at going outside in all types of weather.

He has a history of allergies which are currently under control due to a strict diet and medication. He has recently been switched from prednisone to cytopoint, and seems to be doing well. Charlie Brown's allergies will need to continue to be monitored.

He just had all of his teeth removed due to infection. Charlie Brown is currently recovering from the surgery and will be much happier without the constant discomfort he must have been in.

Charlie Brown is a relaxed, friendly dog looking for his forever home.

Foster Update, June 30, 2019

The adorable pug Charlie Brown is doing well in foster care. We are in the process of switching his prednisone to cytopoint. He got his first cytopoint injection a few weeks ago, and we're currently weaning him off the prednisone. He is handling the switch well: he does a very modest amount of face rubbing and ear scratching, and continues to show no sign of infections. Charlie has a teeth-cleaning scheduled for early July. He is losing weight: he was down a kilo at his last weigh-in at the vet a few weeks ago. Looking at pictures, he's noticeably more svelte than when he first came to us.

Charlie Brown continues to do well with being left alone. He shows no signs of separation anxiety at the point of leaving, but has started to get a bit more excited when we return home. He'll greet us by "singing" (loudly) for a few minutes, and he's a bit more reactive to noise and commotion for the rest of the day after being left alone.

Charlie seems to be gaining energy as time passes. He is becoming a bit less of a couch potato, and a bit more interested in going for walks, as well as interacting with us and the world in general. His stamina for walks has slowly been increasing, although the sun and heat still tire him out quickly. His increased energy has, however, had the downside of him becoming more reactive to household noise. He has now started barking a bit when our neighbours come and go (especially during one weekend when they were dog-sitting). I think the original assessment of him as being best suited to a single family home is accurate.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Introduction, May 22, 2019

Meet Charlie Brown, a 10 year old neutered male pug who came back into foster care after 18 months because of the ill health of his adopter. He has a long history of allergies which currently seem to be fairly well under control with a strict diet, weekly baths with a special shampoo and prednisone. Our goal is to wean him off the prednisone and replace it with either Apoquel or Cytopoint.

CB is a pretty laid-back dude who likes to spend most of the day snoozing on his bed (typically whichever bed is closest to me at the time). Between his inactivity, prednisone and typical pug appetite, he's quite overweight and is currently on a vet-recommended diet. He still loves apple slices and carrot pieces.

He has no house training issues at all.

Charlie likes people but usually isn't that excited about them. He attracts a fair bit of human attention while we're out and about, but it doesn't turn his head. It took him a while to fully warm up to us; he wasn't interested in sitting on us and still isn't much of a lap dog. We are both home a lot, so we've only left him all alone for about 3 hours at a time. He is totally fine while we are gone but does get very excited when we return home. Otherwise, he's a relatively quiet guy; we have quite a bit of neighbour noise in our home and he doesn't react very much to it unless he's already amped up.

While not particularly solicitous of pets until he'd been with us for a few weeks, he is excited about meeting and seeing other dogs now. If a dog appears on screen, he will bark at the tv. On walks, if he sees a dog but can't meet them face-to-face, he will pull on his leash and bark. Other than when excited about other dogs, he's pretty good on a leash, although he does love to stop and sniff. He is usually happy to go for a walk around the block, but he can get tired on longer walks, especially if it's sunny and warm. As the weight comes off, he may enjoy longer strolls.

He's due to have another checkup with the vet clinic shortly, after which we'll provide another update.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown