360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Chance - ???? - 2016
At the Rainbow Bridge

At the Rainbow Bridge

His bio said that he marks when left alone, barks for everything and clings to people as pugs do. But Chance was so much more than that. He brought more fun, more joy to everything we did. He became the travel companion on our vacations. He enjoyed a season on the RV and learned to be a camping dog. He overcame his fear of everything and took on life's challenges. Never one to keep quiet, he let the world know what he wanted and he wanted it now!

Well Tiny Baby, your bio was right. You marked my days with love and fun. Your signature freaky longs legs wrapped around my neck. Your floppy ears keeping time from back door to dinner bowl. Your BabyEyes always searching for me.

You barked your way right into my heart. Chance became the music score to our days and everything we did. Clinging to us, left us clinging to you and hoping that you had just one more day left for us. But the time had come. Thank you for being one of our dearest friends. Thank you for letting me have a baby to dress and play with every day. Thank you for sharing the best years of any dogs life with us...we always know at the beginning, that there will be an end. No matter how hard, you were always worth it. We will say good morning to you one last time today. Cocoa will have your share of the toast.

Hope you have found your Pugger and Abbey waiting for you. We will see you all again.