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Brinkley - 7 Year Old Female
In Foster Care

Introduction, January 14, 2020

Meet lovely Brinkley who is a 7-year-old spayed female pug who came into rescue through no fault of her own. She is a happy, affectionate, and playful individual who gets on well with both people and the other dogs and loves to chew and squeak her toys. She has very good manners and does her business very efficiently, letting you know very firmly when she wants to come back inside the house. She is very content, including when crated (so the amorous boys don't bother her), and travels well in the car. In short, she is perfect.

Medically, however, she has a few issues. She came into rescue last weekend with a corneal ulcer which has now healed. The eye specialist attributed it to entropion, a condition not uncommon in pugs, where the eyelid/lashes roll inward and scratch the cornea. She will require medial canthoplasty where the opening of the eyes will be surgically made smaller to prevent this inward rolling. Brinkley also has a fair bit of pigmentary keratitis and an indication of dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca), both common problems in pug eyes. She has been prescribed Tacrolimus drops (twice daily) which she will need for life and which should help with the dry eye and slow the progression of the PK.

Brinkley's previous diagnosis of luxating patellas ("trick knees"), a condition where the kneecap dislocates and moves out of the joint, was confirmed. Her condition is not severe in either leg and no action is required.

At her first vet appointment, Brinkley had a rabies shot and a complete checkup. She will need a distemper/parvovirus vaccination in a few weeks. Her blood results came back normal and she tested negative for Lyme disease, heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasma and fecal parasites. Unfortunately her urinalysis showed up some struvites crystals and an elevated pH so we will be working on increasing the acidity of her urine in the next few days. There is some tartar on her teeth so a dental cleaning is in her future. Unfortunately at her present weight, Brinkley is not a good candidate for her needed eye and dental surgery so we will be working to get some weight off. Weight loss will also ease her breathing and reduce the strain on her knees.

Brinkley will be in foster care for quite some time to accomplish all these objectives but will eventually make a lovely addition to someone's family. In the meantime we are delighted she is staying with us.