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Boo - 5 Year Old Male
Happy Tails

Happy Tails, February 28, 2018

"Boo" is now "Boz" in homage to Boz Scaggs rather than Honey-Boo-Boo. To say that Boz has fit into his new home without a ripple is an understatement. His presence has been one of such value in our home. He is such a sweet and endearing soul, so tuned into his environment and to the people around him. He is so joyful and his full body wagging with happiness puts a smile on everyone's face. His frequent tail wagging often makes people think that he is a puppy!

Boz has made a few 4-legged friends in the neighbourhood because he is always open to new playmates. He has gained a lot of confidence in his new neighbourhood too - marking his territory with great enthusiasm and weathering the elements. On our walks, we have been working on "street wise" behaviour and he has become more attentive to procedure when crossing the road.

When he first arrived, I fed Boz a homemade "natural food diet" - cooked chicken & steamed veggie mix - and he gobbled it up without incident. With the introduction of some other food options, things did not go as well - a learning curve for me in understanding the foods that Boz does/doesn't like and/or the foods that his metabolism is able to tolerate. He has had weekly visits to the vet for an ear infection and to have medication administered in both ears until clear. He also had a diet consult with Dr. Burgess (lntegrative Veterinary Medicine). He now takes oil and enzyme supplements as well as a Vit-Mineral supplement powder that is added to each meal. Dr. Burgess also prescribed a probiotic to be taken for a few days to help resolve his digestive upset. Boz is now devouring his meals and seems to enjoy every morsel!

Our next adventure will be to have him assessed by a trainer for Therapy Dog potential. If he doesn't meet those requirements, we will still do training for fun, socialization and mental stimulation, but I would love to take him into long-term care facilities to spread his joy and affection! I am so fortunate and grateful to have received this beautiful animal into my care. Boz is such a giving and aware little soul - such a treat for everyone he meets. THANK-YOU so much to Pugalug for the exceptional care and assessment procedures in place to ensure all these wonderful Pugs will find a loving forever home. It is awesome to have pug love given and received!




Boo has been adopted!

Home Visit Scheduled

Boo has a home visit scheduled.

Applications Closed

We have closed applications for Boo as we have received quite a lot in a short while. We will be reviewing applications and will post more details soon.

Boo is a happy, friendly velcro-dog who is looking for his forever lap!

Boo loves going on walks and is great on a leash. He's happy to meet all people and dogs we come across in our neighbourhood, although he will bark a bit at dogs he sees but cannot meet. He's otherwise a fairly quiet dog, who is generally nonplussed by neighbour's noises, and would do fine in an apartment.

His number one interest in life is napping with his people. Boo is happiest snuggled up on my lap. He is more interested in women than men and has bonded much more strongly with me than with my husband. If I'm not home, he'll sometimes watch the world go by out the front window.

Boo loves to groom his stuffies, and likes to play with a kibble-releasing toy (that's how he gets most of his food).

Boo is housetrained and is good at going outside.

He came to us on a raw diet, which we transitioned to kibble. He still scratches or rubs at his face, but not as frequently. He also had a couple of ear infections. Boo should continue to improve with the help of frequent cleaning of his nose wrinkles and his ears.

Boo loves his people, and would do best in a home where he has human company most of the time.

Foster Update, December 12, 2017

Boo continues to be the consummate, but particular lap dog. Although he will sometimes consider other laps (in a pinch), Boo does appear to be a one lap kinda fellow, choosing his foster mom's lap if at all possible. Whenever his foster mom is on the couch or in bed, he's right there with her, ready to cuddle. He'll even let her know if she's been at her computer too long and thus unable to provide him with said lap. However, Boo can be redirected and will settle down when told to wait a little bit longer for his cuddles.

Despite being a typical velcro pug, Boo does well being left alone too. His foster parents have left him for an couple of evenings (about 6 hours) and he had no problem with that. He continues to be very good at going bathroom at the appropriate times, even in the snow and cold. Before the holidays, Boo and his foster parents attended Pug Claus and Boo was able to enjoy his first off-least adventure. He had a wonderful time socializing with all his pug and pug-loving friends!

The only ongoing struggle has been Boo's allergies. Given that previous treatments had not relieved his itchy skin, it was decided that a food change was in order. Since that change, Boo has slowly improved. He still scratches or rubs at his face, but not as frequently. It's hoped that his symptoms will continue to improve as the allergens from his previous food are flushed out of his system.

Assuming there are no other issues, Boo should be ready to adopt shortly! And given his cute face, he'll undoubtedly find the perfect forever home in no time!

Introduction, November 13, 2017

Say hello to Boo, an almost 5 year old happy neutered pug who was surrendered to rescue because of his owner's health. An absolute velcro dog, he loves nothing more than nestling up on my lap or cozying up under my legs or beside my desk. He likes to build pillow/blanket forts so I have to put him in another room when I need to change the sheets! Boo is a very good boy. We've had no house training issues, and he's totally fine with inclement weather.

Boo loves to go for walks and pulls less now that we've changed his harness and leash. Always the social butterfly, he is interested in all the people and dogs we came across. While Boo loves people, he's also fine being left alone for short periods; we've left him for up to 2 hours so far with no trouble. He has bonded much more strongly me than with my husband, likely because his previous owner is a woman. When I leave, even if my husband's home, Boo will lie down staring at the door for a good 20 minutes or so.

We had our vet visit this week. Boo is doing pretty well; his blood, fecal and heartworm tests all came back fine. His urine pH was normal although there was some evidence of Struvite crystals, perhaps due to the length of time between collection and testing. Just in case, we're adding lots of water to his food. Boo was vaccinated against rabies without incident and needs no further vaccinations of any kind. He is a bit overweight at 11.4kg so we're working on getting this down a bit. He has mild yeast infections in both ears and HATES getting his drops. It takes both of us to hold him and, once released, he'll immediately run to the nearest soft surface to rub his ears on. Thankfully he gets over it very quickly, and is soon back to his happy sweet self.

Boo was used to eating a raw diet and has now been transitioned to kibble. Confused at first, he's now more enthusiastic about his kibble but likes to work for it. He loves to play with a kong full of kibble or offer sits for kibbles, but will mostly ignore his bowl until we prompt him to eat.

Overall, Boo is a sweet, cuddly, fairly calm dog who would do well in a home where someone is home most of the time so he gets lots of attention and lots of laps to curl up on.

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