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Bear - 8 Year Old Male
In Foster Care

Introduction, April 6, 2016

Introducing Bear - the 8 year old fawn pug with the face of a puppy! So far he loves everyone including my fur crew, children, my giant husband and the vet's cat

Although he only arrived a few days ago, he has already made himself at home. He loves to carry his stuffed dog and small Kong balls around the house. He also loves to play like a puppy and enjoys wandering the neighbourhood investigating all the new smells of the area.

Bear eats like a champ and drinks water like a mastiff during a heat wave (and creates a flood like a mastiff too!) His only challenge appears to be his diabetes, but he is incredibly tolerant of both his insulin injections and blood sugar testing. At the moment, Bear's numbers are higher than we'd like, but we're working on it. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks, we will get his numbers down into a more acceptable range. We'll be sure to keep everyone updated on Bear's progress so keep checking the website!