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Beans - 2011 - 2019
At the Rainbow Bridge

At the Rainbow Bridge

Beans' foster parents advised us last night that they had made the decision to let Beans go this morning. After a breakfast of ice cream, she was taken to the vet where she passed quickly and comfortably. We knew after her diagnosis a few short weeks ago that the growing tumour didn't give her a long time to live but it's always heart-wrenching when the inevitable happens. Beans' quality of life diminished quickly this week and she was no longer happy. Her beautiful tail seldom curled. In the last two days she exhibited symptoms of severe pain when picked up and last night lay on the floor by herself instead of joining her foster folks and the other dogs to watch TV. The bad moments were outweighing the good ones and she had very little joy left, so we knew it was her time to pass with dignity and love. Her short time in foster care was spent being loved and comforted by her amazing foster family and medical caregivers.

Foster Update, May 12, 2019

Beans had her appointment at the neurology department atthe OVC in Guelph to find out the cause of her seizures. They did an MRI and, much to our dismay, it was discovered that she has a large, slow growing tumor which is between the frontal lobe of her brain and her skull. She has had the tumor for a while and it was determined that this is what is causing her seizures.

The specialist, her vet and Pugalug created a care program to make sure that Beans' time with us is the best, most comfortable and loving time that she can have. She transitioned quickly from "foster care" to "palliative care" where she will be watched carefully and we will ensure that she lives with love, kindness and dignity.

Beans is still active and happy. The medication change has made her very hungry so she is being fed more. Her spirits are good and she likes the sunshine (when we have any). For the cool days, she has a "grandma" sweater that was donated to her.

Beans will not be with us for very long. She is an amazing wee pug who has stolen our hearts. We have planned a trip to Dairy Queen with Beans. She will love that so much.

Introduction, April 7, 2019

Beans is an 8 year old black, female pug who is an absolute delight. We don't know much about her history. As of November 2018 it was discovered that she had seizures. We also know that she is not spayed and is in need of a complete dental.

Beans has a very big personality; she is sweet and funny and loves her people. She takes turns sleeping in all the big beds. If her people are scattered around the house, she keeps a constant eye on everyone until they are all gathered together. She will then finally relax in someone's arms or lap.

Beans is quite accepting of other dogs as long as they don't push her around. She doesn't do it to others and she doesn't like it being done to her. She sits close to her bulldog foster brother and they share sniffs and cuddles. Beans has been in close contact with cats at her vet's office and has not bothered with them.

Beans like quick trips around the yard and hopefully will spend more time exploring once the warmer weather settles in. She gets cold very quickly. Beans uses a pee pad in the house and once her medical issues have been taken care of, we will focus more on training. Beans likes going for walks much more than she likes going for car rides.

Beans' doctor is arranging consults with a neurologist and internal medicine so a big game plan can be put together to get this darling on the road to recovery and eventually her forever home.