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Barney - 6 Year Old Male
Happy Tails

Happy Tails, December 12, 2015

Barney is a very loving and sweet dog. He has been settling into his new home very well and had no problem settling into a routine and is a much loved addition to my family.

Barney loves his new Opa and cousins and enjoys going for walks regularly. Barney is inquisitive and enjoys his 'perimeter' checks when in a fenced in area. He adores being rubbed on the belly to the extent that he will sometimes flip over when you pat his back to have his belly rubbed. Barney took to sleeping in the bed from day one and stretches out as if he has always been here. He is also getting more comfortable in the car and even gets excited now when I put the safety harness on him. Barney loves spending Mondays with his Opa and when I'm not working from home he enjoys his time with his Dog Walker. Barney brings a smile to everyone he meets and is getting more comfortable around the neighbourhood. He has met some fellow pugs in the area and he is always excited to see them. All I can say is we are so happy to be together and enjoy the many years of adventures to come!


Barney has been adopted!

Home Visit Scheduled

Barney has a home visit scheduled, stand by for more information.

Ready to Adopt

Barney is a very affectionate pug that loves to be near his humans. He doesn't mind other dogs and even snuggles with the resident pug, but his real love is people. He will wait outside the bathroom door for you and will follow you around the house. He enjoys sitting beside you on the sofa and needs affection and attention.

He has a habit of air licking and this may be the result of anxiety. During his time in foster care this has lessened. Barney also likes to lick people to show his affection.

Barney really enjoys walks on the leash. This is important to keep him in good physical shape. He was a little overweight initially, but since we have started his twice-daily walks he looks great.

He enjoys riding in boats and cars but will get very excited and will cry and jump around if not restrained. He does not mind going to the vet and allows his nails to be trimmed. He has been to doggie daycare and enjoys running around with the other dogs.

Barney loves his foster teenager and has met many children of varying ages while in foster care.

He is currently in a house but Barney should also be fine in a condo. He is not very vocal.

Barney loves his crate that he also had in his past life. He sleeps in the crate at night and when the humans go out during the day. He also prefers his meals in his crate. Although Barney prefers to sleep in his crate he has been offered space in the big bed. In time he may be comfortable sleeping with humans.

Barney wants nothing more that to be loved by you and give you kisses. He also loves to eat and will cry with delight when he knows his food is being prepared! Barney really is an easy dog to have around.

Foster Update, October 14, 2015

Barney is doing great!

He had his teeth cleaned this week at the vet. During the procedure, they found that two of his teeth were missing. Upon further investigation, the vet determined that the missing teeth were impacted so surgery was performed to remove them. Once Barney's mouth has healed, he will ready to show off his new pearly white smile.

Barney continues to be a velcro pug. He prefers to snuggle beside humans on the sofa. In fact, his favorite time of the day (besides meal time) is at the end of the day when his humans are watching tv...he just loves to be with people.

Even though Barney's first love is his people, that hasn't prevented him from appreciating the company of his fellow canines. He has been to doggie daycare a few times since coming into Pugalug and quite enjoys playing with his new dog friends.

Barney has also been enjoying the many walks and car rides that he's been able to go on with his foster family. If Barney notices someone take out his harness and leash, he gets very excited and will cry with anticipation. He then runs to the front door and will sit until that someone gets him ready. Car rides also make Barney very happy. His favourite part is looking out the windows. He has even figured out how to open the windows on his own...he is a smart guy!

Barney is hoping to attend Pugoween Mississauga and looks forward to meeting all of you there!



Introduction, September 11, 2015

Here is Barney! He is 5 years old (turning 6 next month) and neutered. He has a very soft fawn coat and loves to meet and greet humans with lots of licks aka "pug kisses." Barney enjoys walks on the leash and sniffing around the backyard. His house-training is excellent and he will go to the door and scratch if he needs to go to the bathroom. Barney is a typical velcro pug and always wants to be near his humans, except at bedtime. Although Barney has been offered the opportunity to sleep in the big bed, he seems to prefer his crate. In his other life, his crate was important to him - it may remind him of his previous family that obviously loved him very much.

Barney may have had some allergies in his past. So far, this has not been an issue in foster care. He is now on Acana Ranchlands (grain free) food, which he enjoys. He loves mealtime in general, however he does not like to eat with the resident dogs and seems to get a little nervous when mealtimes feel like a competition. Instead, Barney prefers to eat in his crate where he can take his time and savour each bite.

Barney gets along well with the resident pug, but seems a little unsure of the other big dog. Mostly, he steers clear of the big dog, but will occasionally bark at him. With time, we are hoping that he will realize that the big dog is not scary.

Barney has already been on vacation with us and enjoyed his trip. He loves boat rides and dipping his feet in the lake to cool off. He met lots of new humans, both young and old, and was very friendly with everyone. He likes car rides, but does not sit still. In his previous life, he travelled in his crate when in the car. Now he is going on daily car rides to get more exposure and he is improving.

Recently, Barney went to the vet for his check up and did great. He now has a microchip and is up to date with his vaccines. Next up - he is going for a nail trim!

This happy boy is a joy to have in our foster home. Stay tuned for more Barney updates ...