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Blossom - Approx 9 Year Old Female


Blossom is a wise old girl who has had the misfortune of coming from a very bad situation that we don't know the details of. She is very cautious of who she gives her trust and love to, but once she does her love, loyalty and kisses will swell your heart - as it has ours.

Blossom has made a full recovery from her spay and our veterinarian has given her the okay for adoption. Because her immune system has been so compromised, her skin will need to be continually monitored and she can only have highest quality, grain-free and whole foods and treats.

She can be okay with other dogs, but unpredictable. She should be an only dog and deserves full, loving attention from her family.

Blossom is fully house trained and asks to go out.

She does not like to be alone, and would be best suited in a home where her humans are close by most of the time or can bring her along. She will cry when left alone. She loves walks and car rides. Blossom loves to be carried, kissed and early morning belly rubs in bed. She's an older girl who has been through a lot in her life, and deserves her remaining years to be free from fear and loneliness, and filled with joy.

Foster Update, July 26, 2015

Blossom came through her spay with flying colors. Our vet noticed some abnormalities on her uterus and had it checked to be safe, but results came back fine. She'll have a follow up appointment next week. We noticed a spot of her old skin condition rearing its ugly head so she's back on her allergy medication for now, but will be weaned off slowly under doctor's supervision. This condition may very well be an ongoing problem for the old girl and must be taken into consideration for families considering her adoption. She takes it in stride though and it doesn't keep her from being the happy, sweet and loving pug that she is!


Foster Update, June 26, 2015

Blossom got a healthy reading from her last blood work results and will be spayed on July 3rd. She has become a star at our veterinarian's office and everyone comes out to see her when we arrive.

Blossom loves to be the center of attention, to be held and to be with us at all times. She loves her walks and absolutely loves car rides. She's learned how to swim and runs, fearlessly, into the lake now with the resident pugs. She just recently started laying on her back so we can rub her belly. That's a big step of trust for this wee girl. Once she is spayed, she will hopefully be ready to be adopted by one very special family!

Foster Update, April 14, 2015

Blossom's skin condition is clearing up nicely. She's been taking several expensive medications to help her along. She's slowing being weaned from some medications and we're monitoring her for scratching. For an older girl, Blossom is very spunky! She loves her walks, does a happy dance when I come home, and loves to be on my lap as much as possible.

Some food aggression has surfaced quite suddenly. I spoke to the vet about it and she said it may be caused by the steroid that she's taking for her skin condition. She is being weaned from it very slowly, so we'll see if she settles down. For now, she is being fed in a separate room from the resident pugs. Because we don't know where she came from, but do know that she was only 8lbs when found - she may have had to fight for food to survive. Mostly, she is not very interested in the resident pugs, just sort of tolerates them. She would be a very happy girl as an only, star pug.

She'll be back for a check up with the vet in two weeks and we'll update then.


Foster Update, February 6, 2015

Blossom has almost doubled her weight since she was taken in at the shelter in November. She's filling out beautifully and beginning to grow some hair back on her underside. She's on several medications to help with her very advanced skin condition, which will continue for some time. She is getting medicated drops in her eyes twice daily, which will continue for the rest of her life. These are expenses that a potential adopter would need to consider. Her new medication is helping tremendously with her relentless itch, and giving her some relief. She's shedding skin so much that she's leaving a trail of flakes and dust through the house! Though we're not certain of Blossom's age, I think she is over 8 years old.

Blossom is just a darling. She's most happy when she's on the lap of her favourite human or being carried around like the little princess that she is. She's become very comfortable in her foster home and barks now, when someone is at the door. She's learned several tricks including "high five".

Though she's coming along with her recovery, it is a slow process and it will be some time before Blossom is healthy enough to adopt. In the meantime, she'll be getting all the love she needs in her foster home.



Introduction, December 8, 2014

Although we don't know much about Blossom, it is clear that wherever this little girl came from, it's obvious that her life has not been easy. Blossom is an older female pug who was found wandering the streets by animal control. She was severely malnourished and had severe skin, ear and eye infections She spent two weeks at animal control, who went to great lengths to improve her situation while they waited for someone to come forward to claim her, but no one ever did. Now, after two weeks in Pugalug foster care, little Blossom is getting the love and care that she needs. It's apparent that she's had several litters, but the veterinarians who examined her are still unsure if she's been spayed due to her extreme skin condition. Blossom is being bathed with medical shampoo every other day and has several medications and drops administered daily.

In general, Blossom is a gentle little cuddle bunny, who just wants to be next to you at all times and, once she trusts you, give you lots of kisses. It appears that Blossom has never experienced stairs, but she's learning to climb them now. Overall, she's really enjoying the attention and we're enjoying giving it to her.