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Posie - 5 Year Old Female


Posie's Foster Buddies:

  • Deborah Robinson and Paul McCague
  • Alberta Mackinnon
  • Heather & Jerry Johnson
  • Alison and Jeff Rogers, Pugs Dude and Sumo
  • Nina Jinapriya
  • Jill Bracken and Bryn Hughes
  • Rachel Pereverzoff
Happy Tails, January 30, 2010

Posie is adjusting nicely in her new home. Her playful personality is certainly coming out, when she demands to play fetch with her toys, or rolls around on her back on the couch, clutching and chewing a favoured toy. She's getting used to her new siblings, George Wishbone and Lily Blossom. George is just a laid back old guy, who likes to lie around. But, Lily gives her a run for her money, stealing her bones and toys. So, Posie just takes Lily's...except for the bone... a little yipping from Posie alerts her new owner to recover her treasure.

Posie is still getting used to sharing a couch with two other pugs, and sometimes prefers her own space, another couch. But, she does like to cuddle with them in the dog bed (especially on days when it's - 20 celsius, with the wind chill factor!). She loves her walks, and tearing around with Lily in the park. Her graceful circling, when she's trying to find the perfect place to pee, makes me think I should sign her up for dance lessons.

She's been enjoying her dinner invitations and play dates. Yesterday she had loads of fun visiting and getting to know two more pugs! Lots of fun sniffing, snorting, kissing, wagging, and just enjoying the smorgasbord of new toys. Last week she had a dinner invitation and met her first crush, a King Charles Cavalier, whom she followed everywhere. Unfortunately, he was playing hard to get, and didn't appreciate her lavish attention.

We're enjoying Posie, as her personality continues to blossom and unfold. She's certainly a sweet pooch.


Adopted, January 14, 2010

Posie has headed for her furever home. Stand by for happy tails soon!


Adoption Pending

Posie was in the process of adoption when her lump surgery put that process on hold. She had a second surgery when the first surgery for an MCT didn't give us clean margins. She now has clean margins and is just waiting to get her assessment from the veterinary eye guys.

A home has been selected for her, and the home visit done. However, the potential adopter will not be picking her up until January so that gives us some time to get Posie fully squared away medically for her new home.


Foster Update, December 7, 2010

Posie went to the vets due to a lump on her side, behind her left front leg. After surgery and histopathology it was found to be a grade 2 Mast Cell Tumour without clean margins. If that weren't enough, she also needs to have some facial surgery to fix some lashes and eyelid rubbing on her eyes. She had a second surgery on Dec. 6th to see if we can get clean margins and we are waiting for the report on that. She will likely also be seeing Dr. Goldstein at Forest Hill to get an estimate on her facial/eye surgery costs.

She's been a real trooper through all this and we are hoping that after this second surgery, we will have a better idea of what Posie is dealing with and can proceed with her adoption. She had several excellent applications and we are just waiting for all the vet information on her MCT and eye surgery needs before proceeding. All decisions about her future depend on what the second surgery and histopathology reveal.


Adoption Process on Hold

Due to a medical issue that's just been found we're placing the adoption process on hold until we can get it resolved. Please stand by and we will update with more information soon.

This tender girl needs a loving family to put the curl back in her tail. The posted pictures don't do justice to this sweet natured girl. I caught her in mid "Woo woo", so her mouth looks puckered! Posie lived in a stressful environment, then was uprooted from her home to a very different living arrangement, before being separated from the family she loved. It will take some time for Posie to fully open her heart, but once she does it will be worth the effort.

Now that her ear infections have been cleared up Posie is ready to find her furever home. At 5 and a half Posie is an adult, so is past all the manic puppy energy, constant need to chew and housetraining accidents. This calm and steady girl would like a household to match her placid personality. She eats a grain-free kibble and is only mildly interested in treats. She approaches new people hesitantly. A home with a fenced yard would be great for Posie, as she loves to putter around and smell everything, but an apartment would also be fine. Posie finds comfort in the security of her crate at night, but enjoys the run of the gated kitchen/family room when left alone during the day. She goes out to do her business first thing, has her breakfast, and needs to go back out to the backyard. Walks seem to be more for sniffing than eliminating, but she loves her walks, maybe more than any other dog I've ever met. When I so much as walk near the front door Posie starts to scamper excitedly and "woo woos" until she realizes that now isn't the time. When it really is walk time, she gets very excited, weaving in between legs and circling her leash.

Wanting to please, she would do best with a family that has time to train her. Posie hasn't lived with a dog before and she and Jackson haven't played or cuddled together, but she has no problem with him. Her former home had several cats, so she would have no trouble sharing her home with felines. Tentative with new sounds and movements, Posie needs time to investigate and be reassured, then settles down.

Posie likes to be close to her people, but doesn't need to be in your face, licking you. Like most pugs, she loves to curls up on the couch, and chew on her rawhides and toys. She has an interesting range of vocals, with a selection of whimpers and woo woos to get your attention.

A little on the heavy side, Posie has already started losing some of her extra pounds, and with her disinterest in food and love of walks, losing the rest should be no problem. Her future family would need to be willing to continue her regular, several times a day healthy walking habit.

Foster Update, November 8, 2010

It's been just over a week and she has settled in beautifully. It was a struggle at first to get the ointment in her ears, but she must be feeling so much better, because she's willing to have us clean and examine her ears now. A week more days and she'll be done with the drops. This girl really loves her walks and hasn't minded about her rations being reduced. I've already had to tighten her harness!

The photos don't do her justice. She has a fabulously large pug head and eyes that remind me of a panda's. But her most redeeming feature is rock solid toileting. She now less distracted about what's going on on her walks, so is more able to pee while on a walk.

Introduction, November 1, 2010

Posie is a 5 year-old female who has come to Pugalug due to a significant change in life circumstances of her family. Settling into her foster home, Posie has been a delightful houseguest. Inquisitive and alert, Posie has investigated her new house and yard, and she and Jackson have enjoyed playing with the other's toys. (Someone else's rawhide always tastes better!) At home or in the dog park, Posie doesn't seem particularly interested in other dogs, but prefers human company. Posie is perfectly housetrained, quite a feat for any pug, not to mention one so stressed with a new environment. She prefers using the backyard to eliminating on her walks. She's a twirler, so you always know when she's ready to go. She even goes to the back door if she needs to go out. Walks are a great joy to Posie, and she eagerly runs to the door and chuffs and circles while getting harnessed and leashed. While walking she sniffs everything curiously. She's a bit nervous of people or other dogs coming towards her, but given a chance to encounter them at her own speed, she warms up to newcomers. While not a Velcro dog, Posie does follow me to whatever room I am in and stretches herself out on the floor or couch beside me. Enjoying her own space, she sleeps in her crate at night, and when a rambunctious three-year old guest got a little rough for Posie's liking, Posie quietly went into her crate. After a visit to the vet, Posie was pronounced in very good shape, other than needing to lose weight and having an ear infection. Once her ears are better, this gentle girl will make a tremendous addition to a quieter household.