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Poochie - 2003-2010


Poochie has Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Poochie's (to us known as Pucci) Mom here... We adopted her from the Pug-a-lug near the end of 2007. She recently passed away suddenly. She started to have seizures last week on Thursday morning. I am a veterinarian, so once I was able to get the seizures under control, I took her to see Dr. Greg Kilbourn at the VEC in Toronto that day. She had an MRI which showed that she probably had a stroke. They could not rule out encephalitis, but both Greg and the radiologist thought it was much less likely. She passed away in my arms on Saturday morning unfortunately. Greg said there was nothing we could do to save her, it must have been encephalitis.

Pucci brought so much joy into our lives! She was constantly seeking a cuddle and kisses... she was a great leg warmer (always having to lie on your legs or beside them). She loved to hike through the woods (especially in Algonquin park), chase her fur brothers around, eat everything in site (as pugs will do) and she spoke to us with the most delightful squeals and snorts.

Our house is too quiet now without her, but we have so many great memories of her. It is so sad she had to leave us so soon.

She will be fondly remembered by us as a one of a kind, loveable, irreplaceable member of our family. We miss her dearly.

Poochie is adopted - December 22

Poochie went to her new home yesterday - a wonderful veterinarian student just finishing her last year in University. I knew Poochie had found her perfect home when we did the home check and Poochie didn't want to leave - I literally had to drag her out of there! When I did the drop off Poochie could have cared less when I walked out the door. I've had the pleasure of meeting the entire family (gramma, grandpa, auntie and new mum's boyfriend) and there could not have been a more welcoming and perfect home for my little Poochers. She also has a little brother named Diesel to play with.

I did a follow up call today to see how the first night went and heard that there was a surprise family party last night with extended family and Poochie handled herself like a true diva, flirting from lap to lap and making friends with everyone. No problems with the strangers at all and only one accident since I dropped her off. I am confident that she is going to do just fine.


Poochie is ready

Poochie is a real sweetie who has just begun to show her true colours. She can be either a single dog or with other dogs provided there are no other dominate females in the home. She tolerates cats but would do best in a home without them. She is great with kids and adults of all ages and would make a great family dog.

Poochie needs a home where they will continue to work on her with her on her house-training and understand that she does have some trust issues - will take a bit for her to warm up to you. Once she does you can't get her off of your lap! Poochie is VERY vocal - she grunts, snorts, barks and squeals and would be best not in an apartment. She does well in her crate and will quite often retreat there when she needs some quiet time.

She is a chewer and extra care has to be given that non-doggy toys are not left where she can get them. She is a jumper and thinks nothing to go from the floor to the top of the dining room table. Whomever adopts her is going to have a real spitfire on their hands! (who will then curl up on your lap and snuggle like nothing ever happened)

Foster Update - October 1

I am pleased to say that Poochie has finally started to show her true colours. She is a super snuggle bum who loves to be right on top of you.

She has some trust issues that we've been working on & I'm confident that with the right owner she can overcome these. She & Dolly have agreed to disagree - they occasionally play with each other & sleep together but still have the odd disagreement - usually involving me. She loves Charlie & plays with him quite often or just snuggles in tight for a good nap. She doesn't bother the cats or our older dog Lady.

Housebreaking has been a bit of an issue - she does not mess in her crate but I don't think she is used to being free in a backyard as she refuses to do business & will mess in the house. She loves her walks & will pee on a leash. Poochie is a high-energy dog that will fit into most households that understand the stubborn nature of a pug.

Foster Update - September 13

Good news - she seems healthy. She is now up to date on her shots, teeth are great, heartworm was negative & I have heartworm for the remainder of the season (3 doses). The fecal sample came back negative for any parasites.

However, I had noticed that her right eye was bulgier than her left. The Dr. looked at it and he showed me that it is actually her left that has an issue - the pupil isn't dilating. It is very constricted and he thinks maybe she is in pain and that is why it is smaller. He is suggesting a Tonovet test to see what is going on and perhaps a Fluroscein Dye.

When he went to administer the vaccines she squeeled (which I've learned is typical for her) but she also tried to nip me since I was the one holding her. Later, when the technician went to touch her Poochie tried to nip her as well. It seems to be when she feels threatened her reaction is to nip. I'm not sure what happened to her but if she thinks she has done something bad she runs and cowers. It wouldn't surprise me if she's been punished pretty good in the past.

Her nails are in desperate need of attention but the quicks have grown out so even the slightest bit off causes them to bleed. They decided that it wasn't worth stressing her out even more and suggested I bring her back another day.

Foster Update - September 11

I am pleased to say that Poochie is doing very well. At first she was unsure of playing with the other dogs in the house but now they all run around snorting & having a great time. There is still the occasional scuffle but that is mainly because Poochie is very attached to me and jealous of the others. She doesn't acknowledge the cats at all. She's learning that there is enough love for everyone.

She's quick to pick up commands such as "off", "stay", and "leave it". She's a huge snuggler and insists on sitting on top of me at all times, although she can also jump straight up onto the kitchen table if she thinks there's treats to be found.

A very vocal girl who's a real sweetheart.

She's booked to go to the vet on Thurs and my vet has agreed to discount services for the rescue. I obtained a copy of her vet records and Poochie is due for annual vaccines as well as heartworm.


Introduction - September 8

Poochie is a lovable little girl whose owner had to surrender him due to regulations in her new housing complex. She has been loved and well cared for. We will have an update on her from her foster mom after she has settled in.