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Percy - now seeing all the wonderful sights at the Bridge

In my eyes Percy wasn't "special needs" he was just special. From the first moment I saw a picture of his face something inside me knew he was meant to be mine. After what seemed like an eternity he finally arrived.

I knew it would be a learning experience for us both and it was. Percy taught me that being blind isn't a disability and he could live a normal life. Nothing made that clearer than when on his second day here he jumped up into the chair and ate my lunch when I wasn't looking. As long as he could still smell he would be alright.

I taught him that there are people out there that will be kind and love him for him. He learned to trust me and when he finally went down the stairs for the first time by himself I felt like a Mother watching her child take it's first steps.

Percy had a rough start to life being a puppymill stud. He was discarded, blind and heartworm positive. One thing he did manage to do was educate people about rescue and puppy mills. He would make his yearly trip to the Erie County Fair and I was surprised at how many people would come back the next year and remember Percy.

That shouldn't have been a surprise as that's how Percy was. He made an impression on anyone that met him. He was gentle with small children and elderly people and dispite being dentally challenged he could also put any foster in their place. He was one of a kind and will be sadly missed.

Percy 1996 (?) - January 29, 2008

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