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Ozzie - 1 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, January 26, 2013

Ozzie has been with us now for a month. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Our black pug Coco just adores him so much; they could play all day and all night. If she is up before him, she will just stare at him and wait for him to get up. We had a bit of rough first 2 weeks before he realized that we're his new family. Our Chihuahua, Memme, could care less about him and is happy that Coco is bugging someone else now. We will forever be thankful to his foster mom and Pugalug for choosing us to be Ozzie's parents.

Ozzie      Ozzie


Ozzie is a wonderful, loving and friendly boy. He has issues with some men, especially tall, broad shouldered men. Ozzie is vastly improved in this area but the behaviours may return temporarily in a new situation. His new family will need to have patience and preferably have some experience with dogs.

Ozzie does well at the dog park. He loves to play with other dogs and will now even stand close to other owners. He can run like the wind, keeping up with larger dogs. Ozzie has learned to read and respond much better to other dogs "language". He still has moments when he can forget but over all he does well. He loves the other dogs, is not aggressive but can get over-excited. He can have a hard time controlling his excitement and this can translate into rougher behaviour than he really intends. We simply put him on leash again temporarily to calm him down.

Ozzie does not like to be crated, but will tolerate it for short trips in the car. He simply braces his legs on the outside and will not go in while in the house. He LOVES to sleep with you, gets a bit excited at first until you turn the light off - which he takes as the signal to settle down. Ozzie loves to snuggle up tight but does not like to be held tight. He likes kids but is not drawn to them, older kids are best.

Ozzie is well worth the effort to get him to love you. He is extremely affectionate and looks at you with total devotion, when he learns to trust you. He is very young and needs lots of exercise.


Foster Update, September 24, 2012

Ozzie was having some issues with the runs so I switched him to Regional Red formula and that seems to sit well with him.

He is doing better and better at the dog park, still nervous of men but most of the time just ducks his head. He sometimes barks but now he stands back and is not right at a person's ankles. He may always have some level of discomfort but then again it may improve more over time. The really big men still scare him a bit.

He loves sleeping with everyone, snuggling up close and laying his head on my side, tucked right in. He gives lots of great kisses and loves to snuggle up in my arms and then lies across my chest. Currently he is lying across Dave's chest. That is how far he has come in four months - big improvements. Ozzie does not like to be held close; he likes to control how tight he snuggles. I'll be away for a few days and we'll see how the OZ does with the four men only ....

Foster Update, September 11, 2012

Ozzie is doing very well. He has finally made real progress this week with my youngest and tallest son. He seems to have the most trouble with very tall and broad shouldered men but, overall, people can now come to the house and he no longer alarm barks at their ankles - a huge improvement! He's had all his shots and has been declared very healthy by the vet. He is a svelte 20.5 lbs. Ozzie loves going to the dog park and improves his dog-to-dog relationships each week. He nips a bit at the other dogs haunches when they are running and gets overexcited at times, so occasionally has to go back on-leash to settle down for a few minutes. He runs like the wind and can keep up with labs and other large dogs. "Oz" is very attached to me, gives wonderful kisses and loves to snuggle up tight at night in the big bed with my husband, the other two dogs and myself. He really likes to fling himself at me, then resting his head on my side, curls up next to me where he sleeps happily each night. While not hugely fond of the car, with all the trips to the dog park, Ozzie is definitely doing better. We even have him riding in a crate in the car. Ozzie is gaining confidence and the socialization skills he needs to be successful with a forever family. He likes kids but is not drawn to them, loves other dogs and even likes cats.

In the last few days, Ozzie has had some trouble with "the runs". His fish-based food may not be sitting well anymore and I'm going to try him on a different type. Once that clears up, he should be ready for adoption. A family with no small children will be the best fit for Ozzie and he really needs either another dog to play with or a dog park near-by so that he can continue to improve his socialization.

Foster Update, July 17, 2012

Ozzie had his first vet visit and got a clean bill of health. He has received his rabies vaccine and will be neutered next week (24th). Three weeks later he will get the last of his vaccinations to bring him up to date.

Oz is gaining confidence every day. He eats well, sleeps happily in the big bed and still hates to go into a crate. The only time he is in one these days is travelling in the car but he is not fond of the car either - hopefully this will improve as he begins to relate the short trips with going to the dog park. Ozzie LOVES the dog park. He runs and jumps like a gazelle - its very funny to watch him leap and run with the other dogs - he is lightening fast.

Ozzie is very gentle taking treats from you and sits like a gentleman when awaiting his meals. Ozzie loves to give kisses and chin nibbles to his favourite people. He is still struggling with nerves around some men - the bigger they are the more nervous he is - or when strangers reach out to him.

The separation anxiety is better - he no longer cries when I leave the house in the morning but if I am out of his sight upstairs he cries to join me and will leap over the baby gates to get to me. Then he simply leaps up on the bed and waits quietly while I get ready or follows me around. He loves to snuggle in my arms, tucking his head under my chin or laying across me, kissing me off and on. No matter if one of the resident dogs are already there or come up to join us, he is not jealous, simply wants to be close on whatever terms he can get.

Overall he is a happy, energetic 1 year old who is continuing to find himself and that he can trust others in new situations.


Introduction, June 26, 2012

Please welcome 1 yr old Ozzie to the Pugalug fold, he was an owner surrender when his family felt they could not offer him the time and attention he needs to be truly happy.

When Ozzie first arrived he was very nervous and did not want anyone to touch him and would not come close. He is not comfortable with men but this is improving as I have a house full of men that he has to deal with every day. He is only holding out against of 1 of the boys, barking at him whenever he enters a room.

Ozzie shows a low self-confidence level and this is very obvious in his ability to cope with new people and situations, he has separation anxiety and can be somewhat inappropriate with other dogs - he is not able to "read" other dogs body language so he pushes the envelope a bit more than he should.

Ozzie needs to be neutered and we will be addressing these behavioural/socialization issues as well during this time. Oz is young, and he has a puppy's natural curiosity which will help as we work on building his confidence. He has already attached himself to me and to my middle son. He is not a cuddler but wants to kiss you as he becomes more comfortable with you.

He greeted me yesterday morning when the alarm went off by leaping on top of me and bathing my face with kisses - he can be very loving when he thinks you are worthy of his trust.

He is happily eating Acana Pacifica and he LOVES sleeping in the big bed. He does not like being in a crate at all.