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Onyx - 9 Year Old Male

Onyx     Onyx

Happy Tails, January 27, 2013

Onyx has been a wonderful addition to our family. He loves his squeaky toy and upon our arrival home, he immediately runs to find it and bring it back to us. He's such a happy boy! Onyx has a vast repertoire of snorting noises and takes every opportunity to demonstrate them! He loves sleeping on the bed with us and Mickey--Onyx is snorer extraordinaire! He's great on the leash and loves his walks (when it's a pug-friendly temperature, of course!).

All in all, Onyx is such a great dog and we're so happy that we were able to give him his "forever" home.


Onyx is the perfect companion. He gets along with all dogs, cats, kids and people.

His eye issue is easy to manage and only requires medication to keep his eye healthy. He should have optimmune gel, put in once a day and a drop of Real Tears, as well. Onyx had a dental done, in the spring of this year. The vet noticed that he is getting a build up of tartar already. This can be avoided with regular brushing. Onyx is very good about getting his drops and getting used to having his teeth brushed. Now nail clipping is another matter! That is very typical of pugs.

Onyx has been a pleasure to have with us. He is so easy going and polite, too! When I come home, I find him curled up with my two pugs, like they have always been together. He is friendly, but doesn't jump on people. A typical pug, he is always close by his people.

Onyx likes to be lifted onto the couch or the bed, although he is capable of jumping onto the couch. He was nervous of the stairs, as he had been used to an apartment, but it only took a couple of days for him to figure them out.

Since Onyx has always had a pug companion, he would do best with another dog. He might be fine on his own, if his people were home most of the time. This boy should make someone extremely happy. He will give you a lot of love and cuddle as much as you let him!



Introduction, November 8, 2012

Onyx is a sweet natured, black, 8 year old pug, who will turn 9 at the end of December. He and another pug lived with one family all of their lives. Unfortunately they have both been surrendered to the rescue.

Onyx is friendly, but in a gentle way. He has started to play and seems to love toys. He likes to carry them around, especially when someone comes home!

Onyx is a cuddly boy, who joins his foster brothers on my lap and loves sleeping in the big bed. He is cautious of the resident cat, who is young and curious.

When Onyx had a bath, he was very cooperative, letting me blow him dry and then rolling over for a belly rub! Walks are a breeze, as he is very good on leash.

We just had a general check-up done. All the blood-work was very good, heart-worm and fecal all clear, microchip inserted and rabies vaccination done. The only issue with Onyx, is a bit of entropion, which is where the eyelid turns in, causing the hair to rub on the eyeball. The veterinarian doesn't feel it is too bad and should be controlled with the use of an eye ointment called optimmune and real tears eye drops. These eye medications are very commonly used for pugs.

Onyx weighs 11.2 kg. (24 1/2 lbs), which should drop a pound or two.

This should be a fairly short foster stay, as Onyx is a healthy and happy boy!