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Neeko - 5.5 year old female

neeko family

Adopter Update - August 7

Well I guess first we can say that we feel like we are the luckiest family around. Neeko is just a doll and has settled into our home and family very quickly. We have had her a week now but it seems longer. She has filled the void ... it is nice to have the snuffling, snorting and snoring back in the house.

Neeko has the sweetest disposition and has managed through her two sister's initial resistance to share some of their things with great aplomb. She just looks at them, waits until they move on then takes what she wants. When she is excited or happy she has a little skip in her step that looks like she is saying "look what I found". She loves her walks and we have now graduated to runs in the park and pugtonas in the back yard. But in true pug style you can see that she is prepared to take a little nap when we're tired to rest up for whatever is coming next.

One of the best things is she has taken to sleeping with our son ... nothing could please him more. She automatically jumps up on his bed when she sees him getting in and snuggles in for the night.

And last but not least, Neeko really likes the fact that her sisters get fed 4 times a day and she is too!! Don't worry she is still getting her normal daily amount but to her its heaven to get fed without asking.

neeko brother


Foster Update - June 17

Today Neeko had her dental cleaning. She had to have a few teeth at the front of her mouth extracted. She did really well with the anesthetic and came out of the anesthetic very quickly and without any problems at all. She also has a small cyst at the front of her mouth, The antibiotics that she has been sent home with should help to heal the cyst. She also has some pain medication to use for the next few days. She is very quiet tonight and hopefully she will be back to her normal spunky self by tomorrow.

She continues to be a very good girl and is a real treat to have around.

Foster Update - June 8

The results from her blood and fecal tests are back and everything came back absolutely normally. As yesterday was not 300 degrees or raining here we finally got a chance to take Neeko for a long walk. She absolutely loved walking in the park with the kids. She pulls on the leash for the first couple of minutes but then settles right down. I changed her to the retractable leash so that she could get a little more running time in. She loved it and loved to chase us around the park and spin in circles. Needless to say she really enjoyed her long walk yesterday. As well she is not assertive or aggressive with any of the other dogs or people in the park. The only challenge that she has is that she really likes to chase squirrels and birds (she can't even come close to catching them however).

She continues to be a perfect angel and very easy to have around.

She is scheduled for her dental cleaning on June 16th and I think should be ready to adopt after that.

Foster Update - May 25

As I suspected she is perfect. She is amazing with my 2 daughters. She actually prefers their company to anyone else and it's not just because they occasionally drop food (Jaden gets all of that). She is absolutely gentle with them at all times.

Last weekend we brought her to the cottage and she was well behaved (she doesn't mind her seatbelt) in the van as well as having a good time at the cottage.

She is not food aggressive in any way.

I brought Neeko to the vet yesterday for her check-up and she appears to be perfect. She has the normal markings on her eyes from her folds. I will get the fecal and blood results tomorrow. My vet has recommended a dental cleaning for her as the gingivitis is quite bad and I should get the estiamte for that tomorrow as well. She was very well behaved for the vet and the tech's when examined as well as for the bloodwork.

A year ago Neeko weighed 26 pounds and she is now down to 21 pounds (within 2 pounds of her ideal weight) so her previous people did a great job getting her weight down.

In addition I can say that she is completely housetrained. She likes to play with us as well and really enjoys the toys that she came with.

The only things that I have noticed with Neeko are:

If she eats anything other than her dog food she gets sick
She is a bit afraid of bigger dogs (there was a very big Samoyed at the vet) She doesn't get aggressive but wants to play. She is just a bit afraid of the big guys.

Foster Update - May 15

Neeko is amazing. She doesn't just like kids, she absolutely loves kids. She is getting along very very well with my 4 year old and my 1 year old (she goes into the full body wiggle every time she see's them).

She had no problems adjusting to my house and she is also getting along well with my bossy dog Jaden. She is gentle with my Jaden, my girls and is not food possessive at all. The only thing that she does like to protect is her kong. At feeding time she eats quite slowly (I've never seen a pug do that before).

She was left alone for a pretty long period today and there were no messes in the house and she didn't cry while she was alone.

As far as I can tell she is pretty much perfect.

I will make her an appointment with the vet for next weekend.

Introduction - May 13

Neeko is a lovely little pug who has come to us due to a change of life circumstance with her owner. Neeko was dearly loved and cared for - it shows in her bubbly, affectionate behaviour. She loves car rides and really enjoyed her transport to her new foster home. She is spayed, up to date on all her medical needs, house broken, and weighs about 26 lbs. We will have a photo and foster update in a couple of days.