360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Munchkin - 2000-2011


Munchkin was the centre of our lives for 10 1/2 years. We made the difficult decision to end her suffering on April 10, 2011 due to complications from a nasal tumour. Having gone through surgery as well as being on heavy medication for the last 8 months, she was a trooper through it all, still maintaining a great zest for life. She never lost her love of treats, walks, and kisses. She brought endless joy to everyday of our lives. She was the epitome of the perfect pug companion. Always there for you, always making you smile, always the unrelenting clown. Immeasurable love radiated from her sweet soul. We were lucky to have known her. Although our hearts are breaking, we take solace in the fact that she has now reunited with her sister, Jellybean. We will remember you always, Lloyd and Rome.