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Mr Snortles - 11 Year Old Male

Mr Snortles

Happy Tail, May 7, 2013

Our family has fallen in love with the sweetest senior pug. Mr. Snortles is now a permanent member of this household, and we are tickled pink to care for him during his sunset years. He makes us smile everyday, because he shows his happiness at the simplest things you do for him. At meal time, he makes the cutest noises as his food is being made. His days are spent enjoying our spring weather, or snoozing in his bed. We know are our time with him could be short, but we are going to make it his best days ever. Love you Mr. S. and thanks for being just so darn adorable.

Adopted By Foster Parents

Mr. Snortles has found his furever home with his foster parents!

Foster Update, March 11, 2013

Mr. Snortles has healed nicely from his major dental procedure. We were grinding up his kibble, which he ate with no problems at all. He has had some tummy troubles so we switched him to canned food and those troubles have resolved completely. His veterinarian has put him on a medication for his arthritis, metacam, as well as an eye medication, cyclosporin. Mr. S. will have his liver values rechecked the first week in April as they were a little elevated prior to his dental. He will also have his eyes reassessed. All in all, this sweet old gent continues to be a joy to look after, and he shows his appreciation everyday with his continuously wagging tail.

Mr Snortles

Foster Update, February 23, 2013

Mr. Snortles had his dental procedure on Thursday and, due to very advanced dental disease, all 33 of his teeth needed to be removed. Some of the teeth were hanging on by a thread. He handled the anaesthetic well, the vet reported, but the surgery itself was very long. He had 3 skin tags removed at the same time. Mr. Snortles had a rough evening at home, but pain medication kept him somewhat comfortable. Today he's feeling much better, and is getting the hang of eating. His little tail continues to wag every time someone gives his a pat or snuggle. He is the sweetest old gent I've ever met.

Mr Snortles

Introduction, February 18, 2013

Mr. Snortles came to Pugalug through a shelter, where he was surrendered by his second owner. He has been with us for a week and the only way to describe this guy is a sweetheart. He is approximately 11 years old and although his health indicates this, his spirit is amazing and beautiful. We quickly noticed that his hearing is poor and, during his first vet visit on Friday, it was determined that he is totally deaf. Mr. Snortles has a mild ear infection, which is being treated with medication. He also has very low tear production, which has resulted in low vision so we are applying eye lube a few times a day. Dr. Dave will prescribe another eye medication as soon as the results from Mr. Snortles blood work are back. He also has some joint stiffness, which comes with age and the fact that he's overweight (he's 33 lbs). The first thing to be addressed this coming week are Mr. Snortles teeth. They are all in very poor condition and, if his blood work clears him for a dentistry, this will be done asap. There is a very high possibility that he will lose most of his teeth, but a toothless mouth is much better for his all over health. So, we have a little bit of a road ahead of us, but we will be beside him every step of the way. Dr. Dave said the title of Mr. is not enough for this gentleman, so he has nicknamed him, His Lordship Sir Snortles. This dear pug wins over everyone he meets.

Mr Snortles