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Walt Disney Pictures' 33rd full-length animated feature, "Pocahontas." It was Disney's first animated feature ever to be inspired by a real-life figure. In it was a pampered pug named Percy who "owned" Governor Ratcliffe.

Heavenly Creatures
Director: Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings)
The movie stars a 17 year old Kate Winslet (Titantic). The scene with the pug is brief. Her on screen sister gets a pug puppy for Christmas. Although there are strong performances from the 2 girls, and quite a powerful movie on the nature of adolescent fantasy creation, it is not a film for everyone's taste.

102 Dalmations
Glenn Clouse as Cruella De Vil gets upstaged by a pug (and a few others) at dinner

Eloise at Christmastime, Eloise at the Plaza
Toronto Pugaluggers Stanley and Jezebel are pictured here on the set of Eloise at Christmas time. They both shared in playing the part of Eloise's pug, Weenie.

Walk With Destiny (1974)
Based on Sir Winston Churchill's The Gathering Storm
The pug, Goodchance My Delila appeared in the movie. Sir Richard Burton (who played Churchill) was so enamoured that he offered a large sum of money to buy her but the owner, Ellen Brown, declined.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis
This is THE pug movie. No bit part here; a starring role for the pug. Originally released in 1986 in Japan under the title Koneko monogatari. Interestingly, the original Japanese version ran 90 minutes while the English version only goes 76 minutes. The English version includes a narration by Dudley Moore.

Well, it's good to see that in the far future, on other planets, pugs are still being lugged around by royalty. Most reviews I've read have given this movie the thumbs down. However you can play "Punch Puggy" and try and spot the pug (which is kinda of like Punch Buggy, execept you get a slurp instead of a punch)

Men In Black
Even though Mushu (movie name: Frank the Pug) had a small part, he gave it all; winning fans from New York to Tokyo

Mushu, the canine actor who played Frank the Pug, returned for Men in Black II with a much bigger part. A little know bit of pug trivia: Mushu was 7 years old when he did the sequel and so had developed a little grey (of course he did - he's a Pug) So the movie people used makeup to hide the gray fur around Mushu's nose.

The Truth Aboutv Charlie

A remake of the Gary Grant/Audrey Hepburn thriller "Charade" starring Mark Wahlberg. A pug in the arms of a Parisienne overlooking the river Seine. What more could you ask for?

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