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Monty - January 4, 2008

This morning we bid farewell to my beloved friend Monty. He'd been struggling lately, with his back legs completely paralysed, his front legs beginning to show signs of paralysis and his anxiety levels constantly high. He was having fitful sleeps half the time, spending hours on end panting or crying for something. Two days ago he was squinting and seemed to have hurt his eye.

Yesterday we took him to the vet who immediately sent us to an ophthalmologist at another clinic. Monty's eye was ruptured, and he was in a lot of pain. He needed immediate surgery to try to save his eye or remove it if that wasn't possible. Given his condition, both physical and emotional, I just couldn't put him through surgery and 4-6 weeks of healing, with an Elizabethan collar on the entire time. It was a sign that his time had come, that I needed to end his suffering. The vet gave Monty a shot of a very strong painkiller, and some eye drops to numb his eye, and sent us home to fast him to prepare for surgery in the morning.

Instead we took him in first thing this morning to be euthanized. Of course we didn't fast him, he had chicken breast for breakfast, and jerky for snacks all the way to the vet. He was a good boy till the end, and when it was done he was so amazingly serene and relaxed. He looked happier than I had seen him look in years. Really truly at peace, finally.

My little angel got his wings...and he's frolicking in a field of daisies with Zoe right now.

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