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Molly - 4 year old female


Molly's Foster Buddies:

  • Charlotte Osborne
Happy Tails Update, March 11, 2010

Molly has been with us for nearly 2 months now and from day one she has made herself right at home. She is such a delightful and very laid back little girl who prefers just sitting with me rather than playing, she does like to play tug with the rope bone once in awhile. Blossom and Molly have become best friends, they love chasing each other around the back yard which always ends with then sitting together sunning themselves in the sun. A few times I have seen Molly licking Blossom like she is washing her, it must be the mothering instinct in her. Molly is a very vocal little pug, she makes these funny little gurgling sounds, it's like she wants to talk to you, and a few times I've thought she has said Nana. We are mastering the walk and she gets very excited when I put on her puppia, she has made friends with a few of the neighbourhood children who call her Molly Dolly. Molly sleeps in the big bed and like sleeping on top of the blankets and she loves to get her paws rubbed before bedtime. As I'm writing this she she sitting beside with her paw on my lap she has become my shadow. I have noticed that Molly does not like sleeping or sitting in a dog bed.

Molly and Blossom are daddy's little girls as you will see by the picture, he had to buy them Olympic hockey shirts and they also have matching Toronto Maple Leaf sweaters.

Molly's story tugged at our heartstrings the first time we read it, and when we first met her at the New Years Pugalug we knew that we would like to make her part of our family. Molly has 2 human sisters Melissa and Jen, Jen lives in Connecticut with her 2 pugs, Molly will be seeing them soon. We also have Fredrick and Nicole the cats which Molly show no interest in, but I think Fredrick would like to change that.

I would like to say a very special thank you to the family who first saw Molly and stepped up and took her out of a very bad situation I will be forever grateful to you and I hope to one day meet you, if you read this please feel free to PM me. To all the people involved with Pugalug Hilary and Blanche and their team thank you. Last but not least to Victoria for doing such a great job fostering Molly and I can't forget foster brother Jackson, thank you, thank you.

So to the little pug with the big brown eyes, who makes funny little sounds, welcome to your furever home little one, welcome home my little Molly B.

Jean, George, Blossom and Molly

Molly is Adopted!

Molly's spaying surgery went well, and with her teeth and ear cared for, she is in good health, and ready for adoption Molly would be happy in a multiple dog home, or as an only dog. She is a menace for tangling on leash, so two walkers would be preferred if in a multiple dog home. Molly is generally quiet (but makes lots of pug rumblings), so she would be fine if noise concerns were an issue. She answers to her name, "Little Girl" or even "Treatie" so changing her name would be no issue. She only knows sit, so new owner should continue to work on learning additional commands;

She is fearful in new situations and needs some work with on introductions. She is curious and could run away, if scared, so a fenced yard would be important.

Past dental issues should be monitored with regular vet visits. She has a luxating patella that currently causes her no problem, but needs to be monitored and her weight must be kept as is to prevent further issues.


Foster Update, January 6, 2010

"Can we keep her?" This will tell you how Molly is doing. Just for starters, she has mastered toileting. In fact she has taught our resident dog to go outside unescorted for the last thing before bed pee. Her mouth has healed beautifully from 10 extractions, and she is back to dry kibble. Molly has learned her name, and sits on command. Her ear infection has cleared up, and she even took her medicine well.

Molly is a delightful house companion, nether too clingy, nor aloof. She charms everyone she meets. She's lovely with children, even very young ones, other dogs, no matter what size, and I'll have to have her visit with cats, because she hasn't had a chance to interact with one.

Her only flaw is walking. Totally unconsciously, Molly will wrap the leash around herself, trees, poles, Jackson, other dogs she meets and whoever is walking her. Jackson want to go straight forward immediately, and Molly likes to take the scenic route, up driveways, under bushes, backwards.

Looks, brains, personality, healthy (for a pug), Molly has it all. No, we are not keeping her, although she is a keeper. We are a one-dog house, besides we love meeting, recharging and sending off fosters too much to give that up.


Foster Update, December 9, 2009

Molly has transitioned to her foster home very well. She absolutely loves the man of the house and follows him around everywhere. We almost called her "Shadow." She just can't get close enough to him. She takes her medication for her ear infection only from him, but Molly is very good about the lady of the house applying her ear ointment. Even after only a few days, her ear is much improved, with no more brown slime.

While at first Molly was skittish and jumped at every noise, she is more comfortable with her surroundings. She is friendly to adults, children, cats, and dogs large and small. Molly charms everyone she meets.

Enjoying her extensive and frequent walks, Molly doesn't equate walks with peeing, Pooping she does do on her walks. She's had several pee accidents in the house. After a couple of days we realized she's better about going when we take her into the backyard.

Jackson her foster brother doesn't interest her much, she doesn't play or snuggle up to him. He gives her kisses and licks her ears.

She had her dental surgery today, and lost 10 teeth and apparently was already missing quite a few. Attention will have to be paid to her teeth in her future. Molly even has several stitches in area where she lost several close together. She is spending this evening on the comfy chair resting. Not much interest in eating or drinking. Pain medication and continued antibiotics for the next 10 days will see her over these rough spots. In two weeks, depending on the vets recommendation she will be spayed.


Molly recuperating after her dental surgery. Her mouth is sore, that's why her tongue is peeping out.

Introduction, December 5, 2009

After a long car journey, and today's trip to the vet, we can introduce our latest foster. Molly is a petite fawn girl who was for sale outside a farmer's market in London. A dog-loving family bought her to get her out of a bad situation and turned her over for care and protection to Pugalug. A dog like Molly is the reason most of us got involved with Pugalug. We know nothing about this little girl, except for the fact that she has lived, probably 4 years, with little love, the burden of bearing several litters, with next to no veterinary care. Molly cringes and shivers, but once she knows she's safe, she approaches for pets and licks, and fawns for attention. She has trouble eating because her teeth are in such bad shape that many will have to be removed next week. She's received a steroid shot and has twice daily antibiotics and ear ointment because one ear has been infected for so long it's almost closed up. She has liquid brown eyes that have melted the heart of everyone who has met her. Who knows what in her past has caused her to cower in the back of her crate, fearful of what might happen to her. Yet Molly hopefully reaches out for the potential of love and attention. And now in Pugalug's care, she will be made healthy, learn not to be afraid, and find her forever home.

A note from the people who rescued her from a puppy mills: "She is an amazing rambunctious little soul and I can't get over what a loving little girl she is. She really enjoys being busy and at the same time likes sitting next to you and just snuggling. Also she is a TV fiend ... if it is on she is watching it. She has done so well with everything she has been challenged with in the past week, and whoever she finds her forever home with will be blessed to have her!"

Molly is reluctant to venture down a set of stairs. She's a bit of a snorer, but sleeps happily in her crate all night long. Eager to meet other dogs, she is happy and curious on walks, and while easily distracted, eventually does her business outside. After recuperating from her dental surgery for a few weeks, and once the medication has eradicated her ear infection, Molly will have her spaying.