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Molly is at the Rainbow Bridge

Molly left for the Bridge on March 28th, 2011. She lived out her last years with Meg and Scooter in comfort and leisure. This story is of her first meeting with her furever parents and is her tribute.

Molly the pug was afraid of everything. The doorbell scared her, the smoke detector scared her, and thunder scared her. When she was scared she would shake and shake. What made her feel sad and scared was that there was no one to hold her and tell her everything would be OK.

Day in and day out all Molly the pug felt was sad and scared. No body loved her or even cared about how she was. She was just a little pug locked in the yard.

One day while Molly sat outside she dreamed about what it might be like to have someone love her.

Voices from the driveway startled her awake, voices and barks. Oh dear she thought and started to shake and shake.

Suddenly a strange man picked her up. He held her close and talked to her quietly until she stopped shaking. She gazed up into the stranger's face and into the kindest eyes she had ever seen.

Molly relaxed, closed her eyes and sighed.

The strange man carried her to his van and put a brand new harness and leash on her. She had never had a new outfit before.

She sighed again and lay down on the seat. It was then that she noticed another pug on the seat beside her.

Oh, she thought and jumped up. She was afraid and started to shake.

The other pug looked over at her and told her not to worry. He said that his name was Buddy and he had once been in a bad place and the strange man (who's name was Scooter) and his wife were very kind and would take very good care of her.

Molly lay down again and snuggled in right next to Buddy. She sighed again and as she drifted off sleep, she knew she would never be sad and scared again.