360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Moses, our first adoption: October 21, 2005

Dec. 3, 2006, Moe gives out kisses at Pug Claus

Moses has gone to the bridge

We adopted Moses aka Moe in October 2005 he has given us so much love and affection and everyone around him .. He loved everyone and everything he was a true lover... In 2009 his retina detached and he became blind he never adjusted to his blindness. We found out that Moe had the Herpes Virus its a very painful disease.. We decided that it was time to say good-bye to Moe it was a very hard decision but our love for him was stronger than anything ...

Moe we miss you so much and the pain is so deep remember what I told you today that I love you and always will and we will be reunited again I will always be your mommy.. I hope you made it to the bridge big boy you left a big hole in our hearts we will never forget you ...

You will be missed by your pug brother Moogie, Larry (cat) Mommy & Daddy your human sibling Darren ....

We love you Moe and always will...you left your paw print in my heart...

A big thank you to Blanche his foster mom who also loved him and was always there when I needed pug advice...

Moses April 16, 1998 to July 09, 2010

Adopter Update Nov. 1, 2005

"Moe is a wonderful dog we are so lucky to have him. He's a joy, we love him so much.

Moe goes to the spa once a month for his bath and nail cutting & teeth cleaning, the staff at the spa adore him he is always giving the girls kisses. We had an interview with Tirebiter daycare and Moe passed with an A+. We try very hard to keep him happy, we want him to have the best life possible. >We think that Moe would be happier with another pug to play with. We are going to keep trying to adopt another pug.

Moe loves to sleep in our bed and he is always happy to be with us. I hate to leave him alone we try to take him with us. We have changed our lives we stay home more and only leave Moe alone for little time. All our friends and family love Moe. People want to touch Moe when I walk him,they smile at him and say what a cute dog and I am so proud to be his mommy.

Moe has two cousins my sisters dogs he gets along with all dogs. For christmas we bought Moe another bed and toys he did not like the toys but he loved his new bed. You cannot have too many beds if you have a pug.Ha Ha. Moe is well potty trained he never had an accident in our house. He is our little boy with a fur coat. We never had a dog before and we are so happy that we made the decision to adopt Moe.
We are now addicted to the pug breed.
We think Moe is the best dog in the whole world.
Mary, Mike, Darren, Moe

Moe checks out the dogs in his new neighbourhood

Foster Update Oct. 15, 2005

Moses has his dental today and had three teeth removed but the vet said his teeth overall were in pretty great shape for a pug. He's chipped, he's vaccinated, his smile is sparkly and he's ready to go!! He has a home visit on Thursday so wish this sweet boy luck!!

Foster Update Oct. 7, 2005

Just wanted everyone to know that Moe is doing beautifully. He has transitioned from Iams (which we were told was the only food he could eat as everything else made him sick) to Canidae and raw with no problems AT ALL (so far). He's a lovely, kissy boy who is a major pillow hog. We have nad NO accidents in the house other than one incident of marking yesterday--but that was on the favourtie foster marking spot so I don't think that counts (I HAVE to get rid of that coffee table--one corner is IRRESISTABLE to new fosters). We think he's a super guy and will make someone special very happy.

His back seems fine--of course, the vet in Kitchener can't find his file, but it appears he has some congeital curvature of the spine. He looks a bit odd walking, but it doesn't cause him any obviousproblems. He shouldn't jump up or down off/on stuff and he probably should be in a home with few or no stairs, but he deedles along well with everyone else. Won't win any speed competitions, but is happy to trot along.

Foster Observations Oct. 5, 2005

He really is a handsome boy and has a lovely disposition. Although he's a bit unsure of the 1 year old cat who thinks he is a pug and wants to play. So far "Mr. I don't like to walk" has been dead keen on going everywhere and has done a leisurely 30 minute stroll through our local park saying to everyone.

Moses Introduction, October 3, 2005

Simone gets contacted to help our second rescue:
An 8 year old boy named "Moe" in Kitchener. His owner has a 15 month old son and has her hands full. The owner reports that, although Moe is housetrained, he has begun to pee in the house and on the furniture Moe is apparently great with children and other dogs. He has even done pet therapy at a seniors residence. He is not crate-trained. He is neutered and up to date with vaccinations, but the owner reports he has a crooked spine and therefore cannot go for long walks. He has a large backyard he runs around in though. He came from a puppy mill and has been with the owner since he was a baby. She just can't cope with him any longer

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