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Mitzi - 11 Year Old Female


Mitzi's Foster Buddies:

  • Larry St. Aubin
Happy Tails, April 18, 2011

Sometimes you just know. We did the moment she turned her head and we saw her little face looking up at us from where she was sitting in the front seat of the car when we picked her up. Mitzi, as it turns out, has some of the best qualities of our beloved pugs who came before her; the tenderness of Charlie Bear, the sense of humor of Winston, the swagger of Gracie, the sweetness of Ceasar. Her first few days were heart wrenching. Mitzi was depressed and missed her family and all she wanted to do was lie in her own bed. As the days passed, she began to accept our tender gestures of comfort until finally Mitzi was following us around the house showing interest in her new home and family. She has adjusted very well we believe she knows she belongs as part of our family. She toddles down the hill to explore the back yard and loves the sun shine. She does a little dance when we put her harness on and head out the front door for a big adventure. Her favourite afternoon snacks are Asian pear or broccoli. She sleeps in the big bed on her own fuzzy blanket and adores her beagle sister. Mitzi was well loved by her previous family and the love continues from her final family.

Adopted by Foster Parents

It looks like Mitzi has found her forever, with her foster parents!

Foster Update, February 28, 2011

Mitzi was at the vet on the weekend. She has herniated disks in her back which are the cause of her weak back end. She has started steroids and we will see if there is any improvement. She may have the onset of glaucoma. We are going to monitor the pressure in her eye and see if there is any change. The rest was very good news; a relatively strong heart with a small murmur (but what senior pug doesn't have a heart murmur); good teeth (thanks to her relinquishing family who looked after this for Mitzi); perfect blood work and her lumps and bumps are fatty - nothing to worry about. She will need monitoring for a while but we will keep you updated. She has settled very well now and her wonderful personality is shining through. She loves to play chase - you can chase her or she will chase you, she doesn't care. She adores being outside in the yard and isn't a wienie about the weather. She is accident free. She is a bit picky about her treats but can spit what she doesn't like pretty far!! All in all, Mitzi is absolutely adorable; a wonderful senior girl.

Introduction, February 21, 2011

Meet Mitzi. This beautiful senior girl arrived at our home a week ago. The transition was difficult for her but each day is easier for her. Mitzi's wonderful personality is shining through and you can tell that she was loved very much in her first eleven years. She came to freshly bathed, nails cut and with her favourite belongings. She is strong and confident; smart and funny. Mitzi loves to sleep in the big bed at night and in her special wee bed in the sunshine during the day. She asks to go out side and loves to wander around the yard. She has a vet check up next week but this far appears to be healthy for her age. We will update you again after her visit with Dr. David.