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Minnie Has Gone to the Bridge

One week ago today, on the 26th of January Minnie arrived at The Bridge. Her passing was totally unexpected. Our poor little sweetheart began having seizures which lasted all trough the night and were caused by an unsuspected brain tumor.

Minnie came into our life in in June 2007. Like both Kathy and I she was a cancer survivor. Kathy showed me her profile on the Pugalug site at a time when I thought the hole in my heart caused but the loss of my Heidi 2 weeks earlier could never be filled. I never thought another pug could ever heal my aching heart. The needy look in Minnie's eyes however, convinced me to give this a chance. On our visit to her then foster home Minnie won me over that very day. She was a shy girl little girl but very interested in us. She came to us as if she knew we were there for her.

She has been at our sides since that moment. Over the next three years she blossomed, from a pug that was afraid of most things into a curious fun loving little girl who still didn't quite know how to play but was learning fast. About four months after getting Minnie, her rescue sister Audra (Baby) came to live with us. This was just what both these pugs had been looking for all their lives. The bond was immediate, they cuddled together from the first day and never stopped. Its almost as if the two became one and now one half has gone but a half still remains. Our hearts bleed for our loss but also for Audra (Baby) who has lost what must have been a major joy in her life her best friend that was also her seeing dog. Everything seemed so perfect for the 4 of us.

Minnie has left us with thousands of memories because anywhere we went 99% of the time she was with us and a part of what we were doing. Now wherever we go we are reminded of the last time we were there and of her. The memories are beautiful ones but they hurt. Its hard, very very hard and the tears still flow but not for a second are we sorry to have shared a life with this very special little pug. She will never be forgotten and will live in our hearts forever.

Adopter Happy Tail - July 4

Well I couldn't have picked a more perfect person to adopt Minnie. Hugh is every pug's dream come true. Now, along with fellow adopter Kathy, Minnie has a double portion of love and care. Here is what Hugh sent me:

"Well what can i say about this sweet little girl?

Minnie seems to be enjoying her new life and we seem to be adjusting to each other very nicely. She still doesn't respond very well to voice commands so I watch her like an hawk when she is off leash. When on leash she walks right at heel..I have no clue if someone taught her this or if it just comes naturally. She is a pleasure to walk with!! She has got into good toilet habits..at my place at lest, not so good at Kathy's place yet. We haven't had an accident here since the second day she came.

She gets along very well with Jimmy and also with Kathy's two cats and just loves to meet other dogs. Since the "incident" I always ask other dog owners about their dogs temperment before I let her approach them. She is a children lover..like all pugs and even let two kids use her has a card table on Sunday. They thought it was so funny and I would swear Minnie was smiling as well.

She is an excellent traveler. She loves cuddles, pizza, Cantaloup, Kraft Cheese Slices, Ice Cream, Banana's and long walks and long sit's in the shade. I am sure she will love her first pugalug."

Minnie celebrates her new foreve home with Hugh, Kathy, Jimmy the Cat and Strawberry Shortcake

We've had a very good response from people interested in adopting Minnie. We are holding off on taking any more as we review the current ones we have.

Minnie is a very sweet pug who is just slightly nervous around people at times, but quite confident in herself around other dogs. Nevertheless, she often comes looking for pug hugs and kisses from us. She sleeps and eats well and is nicely recovered from surgery in November. She seems very healthy and her last vet check in May confirms this.

She really enjoys the company of our pugs and will probably do well in a home where there is already another dog, preferably even a pug! Minnie will need lots of love and affection and attention in order to continue to gain confidence.

Minnie and Max

Minnie playing with new friends

Foster Update, June 12

Minnie is making very good progress. She is eating dry kibble, sleeping well and continues to get along very well with the other pugs. I’m not sure if perhaps play takes longer to develop when there’s a new kid in the group, but she seems to be just learning to play, but learning fast!

Minnie now allow us to pick her up without upset, though she seems somewhat stiff about it. Nevertheless it is a move forward. We have taken her for walks and though she behaves as if she’s never been on a lead for a walk before (behaviour much like a young puppy), she is starting to adjust.

She is such a lovely pug - often wagging and kissing, but it is clear she is going to need a lot of attention. She doesn’t have any real behaviour problems, it’s just that she doesn’t seem relaxed in giving and receiving affection like other pugs – there’s an awkwardness to it. I think she just needs some long and intensive attention and affection to begin to relax.

Foster Update, June 7

Each day is a better day for Minnie. She is now eating kibble, only slightly softened and her appetite is good. She doesn’t seem to be nearly as stiff in her joints, in fact she seems quite athletic, so this may have been a result of the long drive she had.

innie is now eagerly hopping into our laps for long rounds of scratches, hugs and kisses and enjoys this for as long as we’re willing! She seems significantly less nervous but still doesn’t like to be picked up. She is a very big tail wagger and is always looking for us and at us with her lovely eyes.

Minnie was instantly and warmly accepted by our three pugs and continues to get along with them perfectly, even playing referee during play fighting. She loves to be outdoors and has endlessly explored our backyard and garden. We will be taking her out for a walk to our dog park today, but suspect she won’t have any difficulty socializing with other dogs.

Foster Update, May 27

Everything went fine with Minnie. She is very sweet and lovely although very nervous and anxious. She doesn’t like being picked up at all but does love to be touched and spoken to. She is very comfortable with our pugs – in fact, seems more comfortable with them than the bi-peds.

But she has slept on the bed both nights happily and we’re making progress. Along with the cancer she has PK on 70-80% of both eyes. She also had to have 12 teeth removed when she first came into care in November and she has a lot of difficulty eating. We have tried many different things, including what we were told to do which was to soften her kibble, but she refused to eat it. I’ve since gone and purchased baby food and she eagerly licks it up. She is very thin, which is probably because she has such difficulty eating.

She is absolutely adorable and she is going to be a wonderful pug for a lucky family; she’ll probably always need a little extra care because of her health issues, but she is just delightful.

Introduction, May, 25

Minnie is an approximately six year old puppy mill survivor and also a breast cancer survivor.