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Mia - 2000 - 2011


Mia has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Today Mia was sent to the Rainbow Bridge. We adopted Mia in June of 2007 & she has been a joy to our family. In December 2007 Mia almost lost her life due to diabetic complications. If it wasn't for the exceptional care we received at the Limestone City Animal Hospital (Kingston), Dr Mark de Wolde & his staff Mia would not have made it. More than three years later her quality of life had greatly diminished, it was time to send her on her way instead of prolonging her suffering. Mia will be reunited with her Pug sister Puglet who went to the rainbow bridge in October.

Craig, Lisa & Amelia

Mia - adopted June 16, 2007

Mia is pictured with her new Pug Mom Lisa and her new playmate Puglet (Pug Dad Craig was there but he was taking photos of his new little girl). They are from Kingston and a special thank you to Hilary for going and doing the home check. Lisa, Craig and Puglet drove from Kingston (with her new collar and name tag) today to finally meet Mia and take her back. Now she can leave the caged, puppymill life behind her and begin a new, healthy, happy home.

Mia is ready

We feel that Mia is now ready for a loving home. She is a very sweet little girl who adjusts very quickly. She is house trained, full of energy, gets along with others. Would probably do well with another dog that she can play with and cuddle with. She sleeps on the "big bed". She doesn't like sirens but other noises don't seem to bother her. She does bark often when in the yard. Her previous home reported that she can be a bit dominant but we have not seen that in our home; all of our dogs are male right now.

She will need ongoing medical attention. Her forever home should be willing to bathe her regularly, clean her ears at least once a week, apply lubricant to her eye daily and monitor her food allergies. She will also need her eye checked on at least an annual basis.

Sandy and Debbie

Foster Update, May 28

She has adjusted well and we believe she is going to make an excellent companion to her forever family. She enjoys the company of other pets. She is very active and enjoys the yard where she runs and plays with others or by herself.

Perhaps her favourite thing in the whole world is to eat. She can't wait for meal time and will do almost anything to get food; we won't elaborate on the details!!!

Her medical records state that they believe she has food allergies (no allergy tests) and she has been on prescription food for some time. We will try to get her on something healthier. Has a hemotoma on her ear. We will get her a check up in the near future and hopefully she will be ready for her "forever family" in no time.

Introduction, May, 25

Mia is a 7 year old female who has lost an eye and had a grade 2 mast cell tumor on her check removed. She also had a small mast cell removed from her side.

Mia is also a puppymill breeder survivor