360 pugs rescued since October, 2005

Mei-ling: 1994 - 2009

Mei-Ling, the moment Daddy put you into my arms as a tiny little puppy, my heart opened and you dove in. As you grew in body, so did you grow in my heart until it was so full of love, I thought it would break.

Now my heart is surely broken, but I have a peace because you told me it was time and I listened to you. My darling, you were phenomenal. Not only did you give me unconditional love and devotion, but you taught me to pay that love forward in a practical way. You taught me about pet stores selling puppies from puppy mills, and the image of your parents stuck in that hell-hole to produce your siblings continually inspires me in rescue work. What a big impact you have had in this life!

Mei-Ling, ďyouíre everything I hoped for, everything I need.
You are so beautiful Ö to meĒ.

Donít wait by the Bridge for me, lovey. Go and find Daisy-Bo and play. Iíll come and get you when itís time.

Your momma. xxx

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