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Maude. Birthdate unknown (1998 or before) - March 21, 2009.

Maude lived most of her life in a puppy mill in Kansas. In November of 2006, she was brought north to Canada for fostering with our rescue. She had been saved from the mill by the folks at Prairie Pug Rescue. Alison Gaudino and Randy Tallon drove her and several other pugs up to us.

She wove her way into our hearts and we decided to keep her permanently. She had numerous health issues due to the neglect she experienced in the mill, but she triumphed over them all. She was diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in December of 2008 and while the medication worked for awhile, her mental status deteriorated to such an extent that she was afraid and anxious in her own home.

We let her go peacefully to the Bridge where she is healthy, happy and without fear. We would have walked on hot coals if it would have helped her, but there is no cure for canine alzheimers.

Go in peace, Maude. Your face was our sunshine.

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Maude - Adopted Dec 14, 2006

"Maude has won us over. We can't part with her. She has fit in here like she has always lived here and my son, especially, adores her. So we are adopting her. She is a happy girl now and dances and wiggles when she sees us. What can I say--I think Bob sent her to us."
Blanche (Den Mother of Fresh Start House)
Maude snuggles close to Pete as she settles into her new home

Foster/Vet Update, Dec. 5

Took Maude into the vet on Monday and had her stitches removed from the spay and the fistulous tract surgery. verything has healed nicely. I did take in another fecal sample just to be on the safe side, but didn't get any further bloodwork done. I felt she had been through enough for the time being. On Tuesday morning I noticed she had developed a pussy right eye so made arrangements for a vet visit.

Turns out Maude has an infection in her right eye and so is on Tobrex. Both vets saw her yesterday and say that the eye was NOT infected then but is today. They don't feel that she needs to see the eye guys and did a tear test on her. Her production wasn't bad--16 and 18--25 is optimal, but they felt she was not in bad shape eye wise. If the Tobrex doesn't work, we'll rethink our position. But since it came on fast, it isn't a long standing condition, we hope we've gotten to it quickly enough to avoid problems like ulceration. She's also still on Amoxicillin from the dental work which should also help combat the infection.

Foster Update, Dec. 3rd

She is extremely sweet and will climb into your lap and give mega kisses if you sit on the floor with her. No accidents so far. She has a couple of fears: one is her dog bowl, we have no idea why so she's being hand fed for now, the other is stairs. I imagine that she's never seen them before so this is a learning issue.

She is wobbly in her hind end due, I suspect, to lack of exercise and this too should improve with time. She spent her first night gated in the kitchen as I wasn't sure how she'd do on the big bed, but likely tonight she'll come on the big bed with everyone. Like most puppy mill dogs she is hesitant about most new things, but does find the yard very interesting and has been waddling around happily out there. I am taking her to my vet on Monday to get her side incision looked at. It's a bit puffy and I just want to be sure it's okay.

Introduction, Dec 2nd, 2006

This is the initial assessment that came from Prairie Pugs Rescue.
Maude, a puppy mill girl, is approx. 8 yrs old and weighs 20.4 lbs. She has PK covering 50% of her eyes. She likes to bark at other dogs when crated but otherwise gets along well with the others in isolation.

Maude gives Alison a thank you snuggle for driving through ice and snow to bring her to a new home.