360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Goo-chi (Magoo), our first rescue;
adopted December 4, 2005

Gooey has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Gooey (August 28, 1996 - February 1, 2011)

I first met Mr. Magoo on September 24, 2005 when he was nine years old. We were both nervous as he got into my vehicle -- I, because it was the transport of Pugalug's first ever rescue and he, because his life had just been uprooted and he didn't know what the future held. My heart ached for him and I fell a little bit in love. He must have been in pain because his foster mum's vet diagnosed him with chronic disk disease and at least 15 bladder stones which had to be surgically removed. He was also missing an eye and had impaired vision in his remaining eye. How frightening the changing world must have been! Given his age, health issues and the fact that Pugalug was not well known yet, applications for his adoption were not coming in. Every time I looked at his picture on the website and remembered holding his terrified body in my arms, my heart melted a little more until finally I persuaded my husband that he needed us and I needed him. On December 4th, he became ours. As I held him on the trip home, he insisted on touching his new daddy because he wasn't thrilled with me, a woman, and it took several months for him to become comfortable enough in my arms to stop doing an imitation of rigor mortis. Neither his daddy nor I ever did get a kiss from him although I tried often. Despite this, I know that he gradually became more and more comfortable both in body, as the pounds continued to come off, and in spirit. He and I developed an increasingly close bond as his dependency on me grew and I am certain he loved me. We hadn't realized that when we changed his name from Magoo to Gooey that it would be so descriptive of his personality -- macho on the outside, he was all warm and gooey inside. He learned to love being put on his back among the pillows and tickled. He seemed to smile when I cleaned his eye and he was mostly tolerant when I flossed his teeth. The last few months together were ones of simple pleasure in each other's company as I held him in my arms and sang to him before bed at night and often during the day. He even took to asking to be lifted down from the pillows so his body would touch mine while we slept -- only his bum, of course! In the end, he had to be lifted everywhere and even steadied at the water bowl. He hadn't been able to potty by himself for a long time and, frustrated by his inability to move or do anything for himself, he spent long hours either sleeping or barking. It was apparent his quality of life wasn't good. We decided he deserved better than that and sent him to the Bridge where he can run and play like every pug should. After some last treats and being told how much he would always be loved, he passed quickly with his head on his paws and a very peaceful look on his face as I stroked his crooked back. I learn something from each of my dogs and from Gooey I learned about the rewards of selflessness. I was glad to be his servant. Now the house is so silent, I find myself humming our song to myself:

(with apologies to the composer)

It had to be Goo. It had to be Goo.

I wandered around and finally found the somebody who

Could make me be true, could make me feel blue

And even be glad just to be sad thinking of you.


With all your faults, I love you still

It had to be Goo, wonderful Goo

My darling old Goo.

It was a privilege to look after you, my old charmer. I will always love you.

Goo-chi settles into his forever home

Magoo was renamed Goo-chi in honour of his new journey in life. He was adopted by his foster folks Hilary and Bryan:

"Mr. Magoo has really settled in well to his forever home and seems to be quite happy with his forever family, of the two and four-legged variety. His tail is up most of the time now and he’s begun to smile, especially when his dad tells him what a good boy he is. He has explored every inch of the house and back garden and has picked his favourite bushes for marking.

“The Goo” has managed to adjust to our very early breakfast routine and is one of the first in line for supper too. Perhaps that’s because he’s been on a diet to take the pressure off his spine. It’s working. He’s developing a waistline and is walking more sprightly now. It’s quite remarkable to see him first circle to get his bearings, then bound up or down the stairs like a bunny rabbit. And when he gets excited, he does the cutest little tap-dance that makes us smile.

“Gooey” is a very smart boy. He lets us know if he needs to go outside or if he wants to be helped up on the sofa where he snuggles with his dad to watch TV. He also likes to lie on his new Christmas blankie by the fireplace where he can face the front door and guard the house; he takes his job very seriously. He’s a sweet and friendly soul but has let the others know he won’t be taken advantage of. He can work a marrow bone for hours, and heaven help anyone who tries to take it away.

It has only been a month but it feels like Goo-cci has always been part of our family. He is a very special little man and we are so happy we will be spending forever together."
Hilary and Bryan

Magoo enjoys the company of his new pug companions.
From the left: Denver, Magoo, Mei-Ling and Kim-Soo

Foster update, November 27

The stitches have now been removed. Magoo is still a bit swollen but there is no sign of scar tissue or hernia. The culture came back all clear. We are now waiting for the results of the tests on the stones. Dr. Zaharchuk then may recommend a diet based on the findings. Because of the disc problem, Magoo may require pain killers later on in life.

He is happy and recuperating well. We are starting to look through applications now. He will need a place that is a bungalow or has very few stairs. Magoo will not be able to handle the stairs, go for long walks, o or play for long periods of time. A comfortable lap or pillow, kind and comforting words and a massage will go a long way keeping him healthy. Considering how much Magoo has gone through and he still maintains that exhuberant puggy attitude, he is going to make someone a very special person.

Foster Update, November 12

The surgery was performed by the wonderful Dr. Tim Zaharchuk of the Derrrydale Animal Hospital in Brampton. The operation was 2 1/2 hours because there were more stones than previously estimated. But Mr. Magoo is now happy to be back in his foster home. He will be recuperating for awhile and then we will start screening for the lucky adopter who gets this pug trouper.
Kudos and a big thanks to Dr. Zaharchuk for his generosity and care for our Magoo.

Foster Update - October 20

His x-rays revealed a small cluster of bladder stones. Magoo will be going in for an operation to have them removed. If you are interested in providing the love and care for Magoo please fill out an appliction and mention his name specifically.

Foster Update - October 15

Mr. Magoo Update - October 15th He had his vet checkup and here is the report from his foster:

"Now the Magoo news. There is definate disk problems. The x-ray shows two pinched together. Down the road he may have pain and will need mild pain killers.

Now the second part.....the x-ray shows bladder stones!! Don't know how long he's had them. As of now he has no trouble urinating but the risk is there that they are small enough to pass. The fear is they may get stuck it becomes an emergency situation. Surgery to remove the stones was the option given. Unfortunately special diet to disolve the stones will not work. The stones could cause more of a problem if they get lodged. I'm taking him back in a week just to check and see if the prednisone is making a difference. He is moving better than he did when he first came. Loosing just a wee bit of weight has helped. He's just so sweet and not a bother at all. He doesn't even look twice at the cats and would make someone a special boy."

Foster Update - October 8

Here is a message from Mr. Magoo who is currently with his friends in foster care.

"The older, wiser, mature pugs have taught me well. After my first week and a half they have shared their knowledge and I am passing it on. The wooden deck is fine for the younger, less mature to lie on.

The older, wiser and more refined have informed me to NEVER stoop to that level.
The wooden chairs are ours for the asking.
Also demand a pillow, any thing less is not acceptable. I am enjoying my stay here and learning some valuable lessons."


Mr. Magoo - Foster Update September 28

I took him to the vet for a weigh in. He's 12.4 kgs and needs to take off weight, Ideally he should be no more than 9 to 9.5. He was eating one meal a day at night in his previous home and we have got him to 2 meals a day with the rest of the gang. I'm in the process of switching his food. He came with a bag that had 18% fat, and I am switching him to Solid Gold. Both are lamb & rice formula and so far he is picking out the Solid Gold with no ill effects.

We go for short walks to the corner to get a paper in the morning. It's a very, very slow walk. He is fitting in very well and curls up with and is accepted into the crew. He can't get up on the couch by himself since his back legs are still weak, but hopefully once he sheds some weight it will ease the pressure on his back end. He has started to feel at ease. The first few days, he was unsure of what was happening. He actually tried to run in the back today and finally lifted his leg to pee. Before he would only squat. He's very quiet but did manage to bark at a squirrel the other day. I will keep you updated on any progress as far as weight loss.

Mr. Magoo - Foster Update September 24

Larry, he has arrived. I noticed his right back leg was a bit weak and he is on the "fluffy" side. They sent his vet records with him, and reviewing them shows they have had him to the vet for his leg problem. The vet suspects disk problems but the owner never went with the vets recommendation for radiographs so we can't be certain. It also says he is obese...They also sent his food which is Purina. I will gradually switch him to Solid Gold which should help take some weight off.

From what I see in the vet records, he's had reoccuring ear problems, could be caused by the food. He is up to date on shots and has heartworm meds. The eye shows signs of PK but he has vision in it. Last vet visit was for the eye and he was given Prednisolone drops to be administered one drop 3x a day for 14 days. This was July 5th and he was to go for a follow up after the 14 days but it was never done. I will keep a close eye on it. He can't do stairs very well. He would need a bungalow or a home with VERY FEW stairs. I'm watching his legs close. It seems to me that both back legs are weak. I've started supplementing him with Yucca.

Mr. Magoo - We get the first notice - September 19, 2005

Simone, who had been involved with pug rescue with the Pug Club of Canada, got a call about a pug in Cambridge. She emails the volunteer list the details and we get the "pug ball" rolling

"There is a 9 year old neutered male pug in Cambridge that needs a home. He only has one eye but gets around just fine. He is otherwise healthy and up-to-date with his vaccinations. His bame is Mr. Magoo. He is housetrained and good with kids. He is pretty laid back, from what I understand. His owner is seperating from her husband and has two children. She is overwhelmed at the moment and needs to find him a home where he'll get the attention he deserves. She wanted to find someone locally so she could stay in touch, but has been unable to do this on her own. She doesn't want him to go to a shelter. So we to need to think about getting him transported to a foster home.

The email list gets fired up as Hugh, who lives in Cambridge, offers to pickup Magoo and meet Hilary for the exchange in Milton. Foster arrangement are discussed and Kim opens her house to our first rescue

The Pug Pickup