360 pugs rescued since October, 2005

Maggie Aug 2 2001 - Oct 2 2008

With great sadness we let our little Maggie cross the Rainbow Bridge. Diagnosed in May 2007 with PDE never did we think that we would have been able to enjoy her cuddling, whoo whooing and tenacious drive for food as long as we did. From the moment we got her at 2 � years she has been a joy to everyone who came in contact with her. Her gentle loving nature allowed her to be a Therapy Dog and bring comfort and laughter to young and old.

Maggie is free from all of the medications, prodding and probing that was becoming too common in the last couple of months but she lived a full and happy life right up to her walk the night before and breakfast the morning that she left us.

We all miss her underfoot wherever we go and her little sister Teeny is lost not having her big pillow to cuddle up with.

Till we are all together again,

Diane, Keith, Kyle, Teeny & Tippy O

Donations in memory of Maggie:
Ben Vozzolo
Blanche Axton
Candace McLaren