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Lukas - 5.5 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, May 26, 2014

We couldn't be happier that Lukas joined our family almost three weeks ago!! When we brought him home, he walked in like he owned the place and immediately charmed everyone. Our 10 year old Boston terrier was a bit taken aback that there was a new guy moving in, but it took no time at all for the two of them to be snoring together on the couch.

Lukas is the sweetest, most affectionate, happiest little dog that we've ever met. He loves snuggling with everyone. From the moment that he wakes up on the big bed each morning, he's all wiggly with tail wagging in excitement and giving doggie kisses!!! He can't wait to start a new day and keeps us laughing. He has such a beautiful face, and the tongue sticking out just adds extra cuteness!! We were surprised to learn that he keeps his tongue in when he wants to!

Lukas and fur brother have become great pals in a short time, and love going on walks together. He's so excited that we can hardly hold him still long enough to get his harness on. It's so cute to see them trotting down the sidewalk with shoulders touching. They're a great team when on squirrel patrol!

Thank you to everyone at Pugalug Pug Rescue for choosing us to be Lukas' forever family!! Retirement has just become even more fun thanks to this wonderful little pug. And our Boston Terrier is thrilled with his new brother!


Lukas is hands-down the most affectionate foster I've encountered yet. He needs a home where this constant outpouring of love is valued and returned. He is a Velcro pug.

Lukas would do well in a home with another dog. He seeks out his favourite human and canine. Lukas howls for the first 10-15 minutes, when his favourites leaves the house, but then settles down. He gets along with all his foster siblings and socializes well, at the park.

Lukas' coat and skin are currently in excellent shape. There's some pigmentation on his belly that the vet indicated could be the result of a previous allergic reaction. Often food contributes to skin conditions. He may have seasonal allergies and/or sensitivity to certain foods. A no grain diet will help prevent food allergies.

Lukas is accustomed to having his teeth brushed and enjoys the taste of the pet toothpaste. He had a dental done, while in foster care. The three at risk teeth will need to be monitored. The dental x-ray showed a fair amount of bone supporting those three teeth and the vet felt Lukas may be able to keep them, with proper care.

Lukas needs to learn to ask to go out. His house training is quite good, if he's given enough opportunities.

Lukas needs to be close to his humans. He'd be happiest in the big bed but is also content in the same room.

He is anxious when you're out and may get into things. This can be managed by putting tempting items out of reach or to put him in a gated off area. This behaviour is also likely to ease once he's feeling secure in his new home. He's learned to seek out other family members or dogs during this period. He'll be waiting patiently by the door for your return.

This boy is eager to please and longs to be curled up in your lap. Lukas has a bright future ahead. He's going to shower his new family with all the love and attention he's got to give.





Foster Update, March 2, 2014

Lukas had his vet appointment on Friday. The check up went well. His armpits and underbelly show signs of past allergies, but nothing current. it'll just be something to keep an eye on. He is currently on Wellness Core no-grain kibble. Hopefully, this food will help to curb some of his skin issues; however, there could be a seasonal component that may arise come spring. He has gained weight since his arrival. He's up to 24 lbs. The vet said that he could stand to gain another pound, but would prefer that he stay on the slim slide. His ribs are still visible, but less easy to count at a distance. The results of the blood work should be in shortly. They are doing geriatric wellness testing because it offers some more comprehensive info at a better price than some of the other wellness tests.

Lukas requires a dental. Some of his gums were swollen and infected. Lukas has become extremely attached to his foster and it could make his next transition more difficult if he remained in foster care any longer than necessary. For this reason, his dental has been booked for this Tuesday.

Lukas is a sweet affectionate lad. He's downright saintly 99% of the time. However, the few instances in which he has been left him alone in the house have resulted in an accident, garbage foraging and some spilt vinegar. His foster mom thought she'd considered everything that might be tempting, but vinegar never crossed her mind! Hopefully, as he gets more at ease, some of this behaviour will pass, but this may just be how he's cut. So far his foster mom has avoided crating him, but it may be necessary in the future. Regardless of all his "alone time" adventures, he is always waiting patiently at the door when his foster mom returns. He just loves her to death!

Introduction, February 27, 2014

Lukas is an owner surrender who has been a welcome addition to our puggie clan. Lukas is very affectionate and prefers to be curled up on your lap or at your feet. He's a large pug; he's tall and long, about twice the size of a regular pug. He has a beautiful healthy soft coat with copper highlights. He has some dry patches on his underbelly, but with any luck, the grain free food will give him some relief.

Lukas is a bright boy. He responds well to direction and is eager to please. He did well at the off leash park and never ventured far from my side. Lukas is getting along well with the other pugs and engaged his foster sister in play yesterday. He's also been a good sport about her "borrowing" his toys. He was a great passenger in the car. He whimpered for the first couple of minutes, but quickly settled down to sleep for the rest of the ride. I heard no complaints at all on a recent outing.

Lukas seems to be a one person dog. He has been my constant shadow since his arrival. He engages with others, but keeps a close eye on me. He is ill at ease when I leave the house, but hopefully he'll get more comfortable over time. Lukas has manners. For example, he'll be persistent in asking to come up on your lap, but he'll wait for the OK before hoping up. He also won't try to get your food if you're munching while watching TV.

Lukas has a vet visit scheduled for Friday. He looks like he could afford to put on a few pounds, but we'll see what the vet says. His house training is good. He had one accident the first night, but that's to be expected. He hasn't learned how to ask to go out yet, but given the opportunity, he's quite good. I have two old incontinent male seniors and in spite of the pee pads around for their use, Lukas is not tempted.

Lukas is a bundle of love. He's got a lot to give.