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Lue - 10 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, November 27, 2013

Lue took no time to adapt to his new home and family. He is happy, healthy and a joy to be around. He wakes each morning and enjoys his delicious breakfast with gusto followed by a quick inspection of the neighborhood, then heads back to bed for the better part of the morning. By noon, this older fellow is ready to roll. Most days he enjoys a walk of an hour or more in the early afternoon. Favourite places include along the creek (very "see and be seen" for the small dog set), the dog park by the lake (many, many interesting smells), and good old Main Street, where he enjoys the colorful street scene and has made many new friends. Lue is incredibly good on a leash, and is a very proud and happy dog in off-leash areas.

Over and over again, strangers express surprise when they learn that Lue is 10 years old. His eye surgery has given him excellent vision, he is trim and fit, and his coat is sleek and glowing. He is very, very handsome.

While Lue lives alone with me, he is also an important member of my extended family. He is much loved by my young niece and sometimes walks her to school. He spends quality time with my 89-year-old mom and her 97-year-old partner several times a week; they have declared him to be a charming gentleman.

We adore this little guy. Thank you Pugalug!


Lue is a now ready to find his forever family. He is well-behaved and makes a very loving companion. Lue is happiest when snuggled up to his people, and has a mellow and gentle personality.

Although he is a mature gentleman, Lue is overall in good health. Since his vision and hearing are not perfect, there needs to be small adjustments. When on walks, it is best to keep an eye out to help him steer clear of obstacles like bikes, poles, grates, etc. Lue has low tear production, and therefore requires eye drops twice daily. He has allergies to many food, so is on a strict diet of IAMS Response KO.

Lue is housetrained, however he will poo inside the house (about once in a two week period). This can be avoided by taking him outside first thing in the morning. Lue doesn't bark, but he will sometimes cry when you leave, but close neighbours shouldn't be an issue.

Lue does great with other creatures (human and animal). However, since he's an old, slow moving guy, he needs to be watched around young children or dogs that might be rough with him.

Lue loves chewing on toys and bones, and is happy to obsessively lick one of his stuffed toys for hours on end. He will voluntarily hang out in his crate to relax and nap.

Overall, Lue is a bundle of snuggles and love, who bonds deeply with his people. Our foster family will miss this adorable old guy. He has many more great years in him, and will no doubt shower his forever family in affection, and bring joy and warmth to their lives!

Foster Update, August 16, 2013

Lue took a visit to the vet recently to be micro-chipped and to check up on his eyes and neuter, and he has healed up very well from the surgeries. The only remaining concern is that his tear production continues to be low, but he has started on a new set of eye drops that seem to be helping.

Since his vision is not 100%, Lue benefits from having routine - both on walks and around the house. His foster parents have learned that keeping his water, food, bed and toys in the same place helps him to navigate and feel comfortable moving around at home.

On a few occasions, Lue has has gone poo inside the house. We do not scold him for doing so -- but instead reinforce good habits and always treat with some kibble after he goes outside (only on his first major pee per walk - not every time he marks). Aside from this very occasional issue, he is a perfectly well behaved gentleman.

Lue is an expert snuggler, and his sweet personality brings out the best in everyone around him. His foster family sometimes suspects that he is actually a teddy bear disguised as a pug. Either way, this bundle of love will no doubt charm his future forever home.


Foster Update, July 18, 2013

Lue has spent the last few weeks taking it easy while healing from his eye surgery and neuter. At this point, he no longer needs to wear a cone, and has bounced back to his usual charming self. Since the surgery, Lou's eyes are far less irritated, and his vision seems to better now his that eyes aren't blocked with goop. Lou requires a set of eye drops twice daily. He knows eyedrops are rewarded with a treat, and will sit patiently while they are administered.

With the recent hot weather, Lue has been spending most of his time indoors - usually lounging in one of his dog beds, or snuggled up to one of his foster parents.

Lou has an upcoming appointment to be mircochipped. Once that is complete, he will be ready to find his forever home. He is truly a sweet and loving little guy, who bonds deeply with those who spend time with him.



Foster Update, June 24, 2013

Lue completed his wellness check, and his health is in overall good shape for a mature pug. Although Lue's vision is not perfect, his new eyedrops help tremendously. Last week, he underwent a minor surgery on his eyelids to prevent further damage to his sight. He has also recently been neutered, and it seems we have finally figured out a diet to which he is not allergic. This little guy has made so much progress in such a short time!

Lue adores his people, and follows his foster parents from room to room. He is happiest when snuggled up on your lap, or receiving tummy rubs (ideally both simultaneously). He warms up easily to new friends (both human and canine), and is an incredibly gentle and affectionate guy. In terms of exercise, Lue takes two leisurely 15-20 minute walks (one after each meal). Lue would far prefer to sleep in the big bed where he can cuddle with his people, but is content enough in a little bed close by. We have also recently discovered Lue's appreciation of large plush toys, which he snuggles and suckles for hours in his dog bed. He is fine to be in his crate, and goes voluntarily to rest.

When Lue is ready for adoption, he will be looking for a home where he can give and receive lots of TLC, and not often be alone. He would do well in a family with other dogs, and would be great with children who are old enough to be gentle with him. Lue is a delightful companion - and will bring joy and warmth to his future family.


Introduction, May 29, 2013

Lue (pronounced Louie) came to us this week from a vet. He had been scheduled to be euthanized, but we decided to give him a second shot at life. Although he's an older gentleman (10 years old), he has plenty of energy and health left.

On Lue's first night, he was very upset and disoriented It took his foster parents only a short time to realize that he has limited eyesight - and therefore was upset to be alone in a new and dark place. With a bed close by to his foster parents, he soon felt safe and calm to sleep through the night.

After a few days in his foster home, he has become more confident about orienting himself around the house. Although his vision is a little fuzzy, he has quickly learned where the doors/furniture/etc. are located. As he settles in, more of his character has come out - and he is the sweetest little guy. Lue has quickly gained an adoring audience in our neighbourhood with his friendly and mellow personality. He is also great on the leash (he just needs to be guided around people/objects in dim light or shadows).

In terms of health, Lue is doing great for a guy his age. He has very itchy skin - which will likely be cleared up in the next few weeks - in the mean time, his new no-grain diet has made a big different. He also has dry-eye, which may account for his limited vision.

Lue is scheduled for a wellness check-up to give us a better sense of his overall health. We look forward to getting to know this little guy more and getting his health up to speed.