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Loonie - 7 Year Old Female


Happy Tails, December 23, 2010

It has been exactly two weeks since little Loonie has chosen us for her furever family. Grace, our first pug, and Loonie have gone from being acquaintances to chasing each other with their toys to lying beside each other. When Grace is snuggled in her bed, Loonie will back up and sit her bum on the side of the bed with Grace. They still have the occasional scuffle when it comes to food and treats, but they (and we) are learning how to avoid such conflicts.

Loonie is a big cuddler. She loves to play chase with my son and daughter (and could probably play this all day and night, if we didn't have other life things to do), but the moment one of us picks her up, she snuggles into our arms and makes quiet little pug grunts and falls asleep.

Little Loonie goes a little too crazy for her food, treats and other people's dessert. My husband's apple pie was a victim of Loonie's "now you see it, now you don't" food frenzy. I am trying to calm her and teach her to "leave it" - she is very smart and will learn quickly (hopefully, or her foster mom may see a very big Loonie at the next Pugalug party)!

We had company over and it was like she had been with us for years. She was very well mannered, played endlessly with the two young visitors and curled up beside many adult feet.

Last weekend, we attended the Christmas Pugalug party with Grace and Loonie. She had only been with our family for 6 days. Loonie ran around enjoying all her pug friends, but would always come back to us to "check in." It was at that party that I think she realized, "Hey, these people are mine forever!" It may have been my imagination but Loonie seemed more at peace on the ride home. It absolutely warmed our hearts (and made us very proud) that this sweet little girl would search us out as her family.

Welcome home, Loonie!



Loonie is a delightful little girl. She is very easy going and not at all shy. She loves to play with people and her toys.

Loonie is the perfect mix of cuddly and playful She wants to spend some serious play time, each and every day! Then, she will happily curl up with her people. Loonie is happy to be carried around or rocked like a baby. She is great with kids and very gentle. We would consider a home with younger children, if they are gentle with animals.

Loonie loves to chase squirrels from the yard. She is a little watch dog and will bark at sights and sounds. Of course, in between her watch dog duties, she curls up for a nap.

She has been losing some weight and should continue to have her weight monitored. When she came into foster care, she weighed 17.5 lbs. She weighs just under 16 lbs and needs to get down to about 14 lbs. Keeping her weight off is important for her breathing and general health.

She has a bit of tartar build up, on the upper left of her mouth. Brushing would help with that.

She has a thick, double coat that looks best if brushed once-in-awhile.

We just love her and find her to be the cutest, happy-go-lucky pug.



Foster Update, October 20, 2010

Loonie is just adorable and has already won the hearts of our household. She has us laughing a lot. Loonie has had a check-up and seems to be doing quite well. Her teeth are in pretty good shape, with a bit of tartar on one side. Her blood-work was done and she seems to be in good health. Her weight is 17 and 1/2 lbs. and should be around 14 lbs. We will reduce the amount of food and take her to the park for some exercise. She puts on quite a show, when she wants treats. She sits nicely, but wiggles about and looks so excited at the prospect of getting the yummy morsel. I can see why it may have been hard to say no to that adorable face!

She likes to play with toys and is really cute to watch scampering about. This little girl will bring much joy to whomever is lucky enough to adopt her. I imagine that she will be in foster care for a few more weeks while we assess her and work on reducing her weight. After that, she should be ready to make someone very happy.

She will be attending the Pugoween at Pawsway, probably dressed as a Princess...because she is one!

Foster Update, October 18, 2010

Loonie is an active girl, who is quite social. We went to the park and she was quite happy to wander around and check out the space and other dogs. At home, she seems to be fine with my cat and other pugs. She should settle in quite nicely. We have scheduled a vet appointment and will have bloodwork done to make sure all is well.



Introduction, October 16, 2010

Loonie is a fawn female pug who turned 7 years old this month. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped already. Her family loved Loonie very much but their advancing age required them to move where she couldn't join them. Loonie seems to suit her name, joyously running around like a loon while the transporter was trying to get her harness on!