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Lolita - 8 year old female

Lolita has Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Our dear Lolita, or Ida as our 2 1/2 year old son would call her, was put to sleep on Monday November 1, 2010 due to complications from her diabetes. She was such a wonderful pug who melted the hearts of everyone she would meet. Her eyes were so big, beautiful and full of expression. She loved tomatoes, bell peppers, going for walks, car rides, vegging out on the couch and sleeping in. She would become over the top excited when we pulled the leash out for her walk. She would spin in circles and scream with joy (literally). So much so that sometimes we would have to bring her back in the house because our neighbours would emerge from their homes wondering what all the noise was about. She always needed to be near you or nuzzled up beside you while you were on the couch or sleeping in bed. Ida's snoring will be missed. We loved her, cared for her, and cherished her. Our beautiful Ida is now in a place free of needles and pain. She was such a trooper for her insulin injections, and blood tests. She was so patient and kind. We miss her dearly.

Lolita has been adopted

Check back for a happy tail once she settles into her new home.
Thanks to all who applied


  • must stick to a strict diet
  • must bring her for annual blood work as part of her health check
  • fully fenced yard
  • owner who will be home most of the time or another pet in the home for company
  • good with all other dogs (I don't know about cats as we don't have any)
  • very good with small children
  • very good with all people
  • must allow Lolita to sleep on the big bed (she likes to sleep under the covers)
  • Willingness to have dog on the furniture and the bed

Lolita is a dream dog. She is very pretty and her pictures don't do her justice. She is also very happy most of the time. She does not have a mean bone in her body. She does not bark at all but she does like to chatter a lot. She lets you know when she wants her dinner and when she would like to go outside. If you miss her letting you know then she will find somewhere else to go and something else to eat. Lolita has been given full run of the house and there have not been any issues with that.

Lolita likes to go for walks and enjoys meeting all new people and all new dogs. She likes to go for rides in the car but she does like to talk the entire time. She is very happy to be with her people and does not necessarily need to be on you all of the time. She does however really enjoy being cuddled and loved.

Initially Lolita was quite reserved when she first got here so ger adopter should expect the same behaviour again.

Update - February 27

She continues to be a very cuddly and joyful little girl. She gets along well with anything and everyone that she comes into contact with. She does not guard her food or attack other dogs food. Her ears are 100% better than when she arrived. We are still working on some housetraining challnegs with her (but again they are more related to her lack of appreciation for the northern climate).

She did have some bloodwork done almost a month ago that indicated she has an issue with her pancreas. She is completely sub-clinical. We will be re-doing the test in about a week to see if the issue has been resolved or if there is anything else that needs to be done.

Update - January 25

I have brought Lolita to the vet for her rabies vaccination, her microchip and her general health check. She was found to be generally healthy overall...her joints are good, her heart is good (all the really important stuff). She does however have the pigment marks on her eyes and the beginnings of cataracts (these do not affect her vision at this point). Also during her appointment it was found that her ears were very badly infected (my vet called it a lifelong ear infection) and very dirty teeth.

We started her on ear drops and antibiotics forher teeth. We then had her teeth and ears cleaned at the vet. She was very lucky and only lost 2 pre-molars during her cleaning. I am also happy to report that with her ear drops and her deep ear cleaning Lolita is also now able to hear again.....yay!

The other item that was found during her teeth cleaning is that Lolita metabolizes fat in a strange way. As a result we have changed her food from Orijen to Now (it is another grain free food that is also low in fat).

Otherwise Lolita is doing very well here and continues to be a little doll. She fits in really well in the house with my senior dogs, my very bossy pug and my 2 small children. She genuinely loves all other people and pets that she meets.

The only item that we continue to work with her on is her house training. I have a suspicion that she does not have a housetraining issue so much as an "I hate to go outside in the cold problem".

Update - January 1

Lolita is a total sweetheart. She is a very pretty and lovable pug. she is a real treat to have around and has a real love of life.

She does not guard her food at all. She also does not steal food from my puppies. She waits patiently for them to finish their food before she attempts to eat their dinner. She is doing very well on the Orijen food and has not had a single incidence of the diarhea that was mentioned that has had in the past. She is a very solid little puggy but does not appear to be overweight.

She is not a dominant dog in any way and would never attempt to be an alpha dog. When she does something that she thinks was wrong or if she thinks she is about to get in trouble she immediately goes right down to the floor and rolls over on her back. Lolita took a couple of days to come out of her shell but she is now a very cuddly and happy girl. She is currently sitting on my lap as I type this note. For the first few days she would not sleep on the big bed or jump on the furniture but she does now and her preference is to sleep under the covers. She also likes to play the close game with my pug Jaden and they both climb over each other to see who can get closest to her people. Lolita always wins as she can wait our anyone and usually wins by climbing in to your arms or on the top of your head.

She continues to be very good with both my 3 year old as well as the baby. When she first arrived at our house she really liked to beg at the table. She now realizes that we don't feed her that way and she has stopped begging. She does however sit under the high chair and tries to will food to fall to the floor.

She only rarely barks and that is generally only when we go out without her. She does however stop very quickly and goes back to whatever comfy bed she has just come from. She does like to talk to me when we are getting her food ready or if she wants some attention (it's not barking but a squeaking sound that she makes).

Lolita is not very fond of this winter weather that we are getting. She goes racing outside to do her business and then wants to come in right away. Her feet and her body freeze very quickly. When we take her for walks she does not want to go for very long and we are currently trying to get her used to wearing boots. She really should be called Princess not Lolita as that is how she behaves. When she is on walks though she likes all of the people and dogs that she encounters.

The one challenge that we have had with Lolita is that she has been having accidents in the house. She was having these accidents in one particular spot. We have now made that spot unavailable to her and have not had any further challenges but we are still treating her as though she is a puppy with her house-training. This may have more to do with her not liking the cold.

We will be bringing her to the vet next week to get her fully checked as well as her rabies and microchipping.

Update - Dec 7

Lolita is estimated to be 8 years old and is a very pretty girl with the biggest pug eyes I have ever seen. Up to now she is not the most affectionate pug I have ever had but she does like to be near us just not on top of us.

Her first night was pretty uneventful. After her dinner she slept until about 11:30PM and then I brought her outside for her last time of the day. After that she came to my bedroom and slept beside the bed for the night and did not move again until this morning.

She has now had 2 meals here so far and is not food aggressive in any way. Once she was done her dinner she even patiently waited for my blind dog to finish his meal before she attempted to eat his dinner.

My own pug Jaden is quite assertive and Lolita does not even attempt to challenge her. My other dogs are no threat at all and she is good with them also.

Lolita appears to really like my kids...she is preferring my 3 year olds company to mine at this point. She has not barked once since arriving. While I was making dinner last night however she was talking to me to try to get me to give her some of the food I was making. I'm guessing that her previous people gave her scraps as she is a persistent talker while food is being made (she doesn't bother when we are actually eating the food though).

Lolita does not jump on the furniture or the beds (we put her on the bed last night and she wanted down right away). She is however really liking all of the dog beds that are placed throughout the house.

The only challenges that we are having with her at this point is that she has had a couple of accidents in the house but she did have a very stressful day yesterday and she really does not like to get a cold belly outside when she goes to the bathroom outside....we are just going to spend the next couple of days working on this. She also has an aversion to the stairs in the house (there are only 4 of them in the house but she takes a lot of convincing to use them)

She does not come to her name or respond to loud noises in the house. I suspect that she may have some hearing l oss as her ears appear to be imflamed but I will check with the vet this week when we get her microchipped. There is also a good possibility that she is ignoring us as well.

Foster Mom Siobhan

Introduction - Dec 5

Lolita is an owner surrender who has come to us from the Montreal SPCA. Montreal shelters and rescues are still dealing with the recent influx of dogs from the puppy mill closures so one of our volunteers has brought her to Toronto. The shelter reported that Lolita was surrendered because of her diarrhea and the concern that the children in the family might get sick from it.

She was quiet and very easy going on her transport car ride. Her initial foster report was that she is doing well, getting along with the child in the house and the other dogs