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Loki - 9 year old Male


Loki's Foster Buddies:

  • Dan Hoyle
  • Tracy Strike

Well, that bittersweet day has come and Loki finally has a happy tail to call his own.

Loki will be living in Thornhill with his new Mom and Dad - Tamara and Mark. Loki will be an "only" and so will have the entire attention of Mark and Tamara. His new mom works from home as a music therapist and so he will companionship most of the time and all her clients can't wait to have Loki listen in and share in their time. Loki even shares a birthday with his new "grandpa". Mark and Tamara picked Loki up just before the Pugtoria event in Bowmanville and then came to experience their first pugalug. They plan to attend more in the future.

I miss you already sweet boy.



Adoption Pending!

Loki is a sweetheart of a guy. He has healed up very well from his dental surgery and the loss of 12 teeth. The month on antibiotics has resulted in a return to healthy looking gums and a slight reduction in the thickening of his jaw. This was very positive as other, more serious conditions would have been expected to continue to worsen and that was not the case. Continued monitoring of the jaw is advisable.

He is sweet, funny, happy and active for a dog his age - a character. Loki loves to "talk" and makes grumbly rumbles at times. He does have the odd accident in the house, this has not been a regular occurrence but one adopters would need to continue to work on and have patience with. Having someone home most of the time would be best.

He would be fine either as an only dog, or with another dog of a similar age for company. Loki simply prefers people for cuddling & playing not the other dogs, ignoring them most of the time. He is good to walk but also good in the backyard. Loki is laid back and mellow, but loves to play with found items, stuffed toys, bones and paper but is good to drop things when told. He weighs about 18 lbs and since the surgery eats well. He loves to sleep with you and cuddles up very close rarely moving from his preferred place at the bottom of the bed & on top of the covers.

Overall, Loki is easy to live with and is a gentle and kind little fellow.






Foster Update, January 6, 2010

Loki continues to do well and is a lovely, friendly boy. He is very attached to my husband and generally curls up tight to him. He does have the odd accident in the house - particularly now with the colder temperatures. I find you have to really push him to go out and you have to stay outside in sight at all times, sending him back out if he tries to get around you. He is a funny, silly little guy - loads of charm.

Loki continues to act like a much younger pug, he has a great sense of fun, trots along like a thoroughbred horse and provides lots of laughs. He is very cute, loves to snuggle next to you in bed or on the couch but is not much for laying in your arms. He loves certain pillows around the house and will stand and stare at Sophie or Bugzy if they lay on his favourite pillow hoping to guilt them into moving. Loki likes to be in the thick of things, staying close by.

He has healed well from the dental. There is still a thickening but when he saw the vet it was certainly no worse. Loki will continue to take antibiotics for another week or so in an effort to reduce this. He sees the vet on the 13th and if the thickening is not reduced we will take him for a dental x-ray to try to determine the cause. This will involve putting him under sedation again.

Foster Update, December 14, 2009

Loki is home after his dental surgery today and doing well. He had no problems with the surgery but lost a lot of teeth - about 11 all together. Most of the teeth were at the front and were in very bad condition.

He also had a small mass removed from his leg just in case but it turned out to be a fatty mass and nothing to worry about. Unfortunately there is a concern in that his lower jaw is thickened. This is very concerning. It may be due to a long untreated infection that has spread throughout his jaw or it may be something else. He will be on antibiotics for a month to see if we can clear up any infection that may be present but at that point he will likely need a special dental x-ray to determine if its something more worrisome.

At this point he continues to be a lovely little man, he loves to snuggle in bed and spins in happy circles as he walks along. Loki did eat some dinner, mostly hand-feeding but with no front teeth now and a pretty sore mouth that is to be expected.

Foster Update, December 1, 2009

Loki continues to do very well. He is a very nice boy who loves to cuddle close on the couch and give kisses. Loki is not fond of being held a lot but does like to sit on your knee and be petted.

Loki is very comfortable in the house and spins in happy circles over most things. He is now sleeping in the big bed and LOVES it. He cuddles in tight at your side and sleeps happily. He likes to play, has had a couple of accidents in the house and refuses to go outside unless you are outside - that is right down on the grass that is. Our pugs will run out and explore the yard while you stand or sit on the deck and watch - Loki insists you should be out there too. He is a funny, happy pug.

Loki saw the vet on Monday. This went well. Loki has PK but this is not a major issue at this time. He does not require prescription eye drops but will require monitoring in the future to ensure the pk does not spread across the eye blocking his vision. This vision loss can be slowed later by use of some prescription eye drops if required. His blood work was completely normal and he is a nice healthy and svelte 18 lbs. The vet recommended the use of over the counter eye drops just to ensure the eyes do not become dry.

He is scheduled to have some needed dental work on Dec 14 and will be losing some teeth which the vet believes are bothering him - primarily front teeth (incisors). There is a small lump on one leg which the vet believes is a cyst but to be certain it will be removed at the same time as the dental. He will start a couple of days of antibiotics before his surgery.

Introduction, November 17, 2009

Pugsley is going to get a new name - Loki. Loki was the norse god of mischief which I have to say suits this little guy. Loki is an owner surrender. He is quite a personality. Loki is very sweet and lovable. He loves to go after toes, and is always up for a little game with a stuffed toy. He is settling in nicely but still learning about his new home. He is a pleasant little guy to have around so far, just a couple of accidents, still a bit nervous but overall doing great.