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Lizzie - 11 Month Old Female


Happy Tails, August 15, 2011

Lizzie's adoptive mum reports that Lizzie is doing really well. She has molded right in with her fur-siblings and they're all inseparable now. Her best buddy is Nero who is close in age and whose calmness is the perfect foil for Lizzie's anxiety and vitality. She's loving the big backyard which allows her room to run and play and burn off some of her high energy. She also loves morning dips in the lake, having progressed from a fearful wee girl to a fearless swimmer. She still has some pottying issues and despite being taken out frequently during the day, will urinate indoors where and when she likes indoors. She is getting better but still needs some work. Luckily the adoptive home doesn't have any rugs ;-)

Adopted by Foster Parents

Miss Lizzie has landed in her furever home. Stand by for more information and a happy tails soon.

Foster Update, May 10, 2011

Lizzie had her first wellness check yesterday. She is a beautiful 17.8lb fawn pug.

Lizzie has been known to suffer from separation anxiety and does not like to be left alone, but she has been doing quite well here with our gang. She has really caught on to our daily routine. I haven't crated or gated her and, because I work from home, she is rarely left on her own. She sleeps wonderfully in the big bed and likes to be touching her human when she sleeps. Lizzie is busy (and I'm a poet), she has a lot of energy and likes to run off-leash outdoors several times a day. She has really bonded with our resident girl pug who is the same age. She becomes quite anxious when Nero is not in her site and cries for her. Lizzie is quite nervous around strange people and dogs and becomes easily overwhelmed, sometimes leading to aggression. She needs to be reassured when she gets into this state.

Lizzie is on a no-grain kibble and moist fish diet. This seems to be working for her as she is no longer showing symptoms of allergies and her coat is nice and shiney. Next week: Lizzie gets spayed!


Introduction, April 16, 2011

Lizzie is an 11 month old fawn female. Her family had to surrender her to rescue due to respiratory problems with the new baby. She will need to be spayed, and was a bit anxious initially, but is settling in nicely. She is enjoying playing and romping in her foster home and loves to be with people.