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LIZZIE - February 4th 2003 to April 24th 2008

My beautiful Pug Lizzie joined her companion Winnie at the Rainbow Bridge. She leaves a devastated and grief stricken family. She passed away in spite of many surgeries to repair a collapsed trachea. Everyone at the VEC, especially Dr. Millar, Dr.Swain and Dr. Wong fought for one month at the ICU to keep her alive.

Lizzie was a loving and sweet girl who made each day special. Her courage during many health problems in her short life was amazing. We will miss you forever.

Christina Quilico

I first met little Lizzie at Woofstock in the Distillery District. She was a wee pup that was going into the fashion show. The host was a gruffy Mike Bullard - but Lizzie melted that rough exterior and drew and AHHH from the crowd.
Good bye little pug, you made the light shine in your family

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