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Lexi - 7 Year Old Female


Happy Tails

Lexi is doing great in her new home. It took a few days for her and her pug sister to adjust to one another, but now they are the best of friends. They love cuddling, sleeping and chasing each other around the house. Lexi also loves her walks. it's quite funny to see her march so determinedly through the snow. Unfortunately, she hates her new winter sweater, but I'm hoping that she will get used to it in time.

Lexi is a very well-behaved dog. She is teaching her pug sister a thing or two, especially with table manners. She is also great with our young children - loving the attention from our eldest, but telling her when she's had enough cuddles. She is especially curious with our baby, wanting to lie with her on the play mat and relaxing in her nursery. It's very sweet to have both pugs cuddle with me while holding the baby. Needless to say, there are lots of cuddles in our home.

Lexi is also quite the hockey fan, staying up to watch hockey with my husband almost every night. She has a little crush on her new dad and can't wait until he gets home from work. She will often play and wrestle with him as if she were still a puppy. It's hard to believe that she is almost eight. We are very happy to have Lexi in our home. She is a great addition to our family and I think she is very happy as well!


Lexi is a real character. She loves to be near her people but not on top of them. She is not your average Velcro pug. She loves to play with all of her stuffed toys (particularly her stuffed Octopus that is twice her size). She likes to bark at people when they come to the door (she likes to be first in line) and is then great with all visitors to the house and then barks at people when they leave. She also has a multitude of sounds that she makes (I can provide the dictionary to explain) and loves to run around and do the "pugatonic". She is also a beautiful pug to look at (in case her other features didn't quite grab your attention).

When Lexi arrived she was very overweight and has since lost the weight. With the heat and the rain this summer she has gained a bit of weight back so her forever home will need to be very consistent with her exercise and food intake. She gains weight very easily.

Lexi loves the company of other dogs and has become quite attached to another pug in our house. She also really likes the 3 pound poodle in our house. She does not however like big dogs and seems to have a particular hatred for German Shepherds. She loves to run up behind them and bark and attempt to nip at their butts....not sure where this comes from.

While Lexi has been with us she has always had other dogs to keep her company and more often than not people have usually been home with her as well. On the days when she has only had other dogs to keep her company she has been great when we arrived home.

She has always had free run of the house and we have never crated her so I don't know how she feels about crates.

Lexi is also a very strong-willed and independent girl. Lastly she may not be aware that she is a dog and not a person, as her favourite place to sit this summer has been on the comfy chairs in the yard. Anyone who likes to be entertained by the pug in their life will really enjoy Lexi.

Foster Update, June 12, 2013

Lexi is doing pretty well. Her weight is now 22 lbs, down from 29lbs when she first arrived. She is also not nearly as loud as she used to be in her breathing.

Lexi loves to play with my small children and does the best pugatonic I have ever seen. When she is in the right mood, she will run around for hours. She also loves to sleep under places (just to scare you) and inside laundry baskets (just so you can remember her while you are at work with your lint brush).

Lexi has a wide variety of sounds that all mean different things. I will try to get the dictionary together before she is adopted.

Lexi has had her second set of blood work done and her liver values were normal, but her white blood cell count is worse than before. She appears to have an infection somewhere and I can't, for the life of me, figure out where.

Other than this "infection" issue, she is ready to go and will make a perfect addition to one special family.

Foster Update, April 25, 2013

Lexi is doing fantastically well. She has not had any accidents in the house during her time here and is a delight to have around - mainly due to her HUGE personality. She is unaware of the fact that she is 7 and acts like a puppy. She loves to play with all of her stuffies (especially the duck and the octopus), run around the house like a crazy dog, and go for long walks. In addition, she loves to spread her love around the humans in the house. She picks a different bed to sleep on each night, rotating between my room and my daughters' rooms. During the day, she likes to sleep in laundry baskets (clean laundry is her preference) and sleep on the clothes that I have a bad habit of leaving out on the wicker couch in my bedroom. As further evidence of her crazy personality, Lexi has developed a real hatred for the pillows in our house and loves to chew them and throw them off of the couches. We would like to correct this behaviour (of course), but we can't stop laughing when she does it! She definitely has the biggest personality of any dog that we have fostered and we are quickly falling for this sweet, crazy girl!

Introduction, April 2, 2013

Lexi is a 7 year old fawn pug. The first day that Lexi arrived she spent most of the day waiting at the door to leave, but after that she has fit right in as though she has always been here. She also used to spend her nights on the couch with my dog Sophie, but she now spends her nights rotating between all of the people beds in the house.

Lexi is very loud while she is awake, but she doesn't snore. She loves all of the people in the house as well as all of the furbabies. She loves to go for walks and loves to meet new friends. She is quite a hefty girl so we were quite surprised with the length of the walks she likes to go on. In addition, Lexi is apparently unaware of the fact that she is 7 years old and not a puppy anymore. She loves to play with all of her stuffies that she arrived with as well as the other pre-existing stuffies in the house.

Since her arrival, she has not had a single accident in the house. She is not a Velcro pug, but does enjoy the company of her people.

This past weekend, we brought her to the vet for her first appointment and received a totally clean bill of health - even her teeth are good and do not need a cleaning. She has the regular eye challenges and needs daily lubricating drops. In addition, Lexi has lost 3 pounds since her arrival and has 5 more to go until she reaches her ideal weight.

All in all, Lexi is a dream dog who is easy to have in the house.