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Kobe - 6.5 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, November 24, 2011

Kobe is doing very well. He really is the sweetest pug I could have asked for and we have bonded as if he were a puppy. I give him 100 kisses a day. He is always up for a snuggle on the couch or in the bed with my sweater and at bed time, he grabs a toy and settles in at my feet in Big Bed. He likes very short walks but is not fond of the cold. He is constantly getting pets from people on his walks and in the building. Kobe always wants to make new friends either with people, other dogs or other animals. He gets to visit my mother and play with the Pomeranian at that house. He was a very good boy when he had to stay at the neighbour's house for a few nights. He played with the 3 dogs there and the two cats. He is eating well and is very happy. He had his dental work done and it did not seem to faze him. He was back to normal within hours ... looking for treats. We have discovered that he likes car rides even more than treats; if you knew how much Kobe likes treats, you would know what this means. We love him very much and are happy to have adopted him. I love my wonderful pug!





Kobe has a clean bill of health with the exception of his food allergies and dry eye. Kobe requires eye lube and optimmune at least twice a day to manage the dry eye. Otherwise his eyes will become infected. Kobe's food and treats need to be chicken and grain free. He also requires a low dose of prednisone to keep his skin in good shape and free of itching (1/4 of a 5 MG tablet every other day). At some point the prednisone could be replaced by another treatment such as Atopica. Kobe is very cooperative about the eye drops particularly if there's a treat afterward.

Kobe has worked hard, to shed a few pounds and his portions need to be monitored to keep him trim. Regular exercise also helps.

Kobe, like most pugs, is a constant shadow. He's very trusting of his human companions and will readily let you hold him like a baby to get his belly rubs. He's very affectionate and just wants to be by your side. This includes snuggle time in the big bed. He also likes to engage in play with his humans and/or toys. Kobe will also try to "talk" to you if he thinks you should share your meal or he'd like to head to bed. There's no harm in trying.

Kobe is very gentle taking his treats. However, he's shown food aggression around meal and treat time and for this reason I strongly recommend that he be an only dog. Kobe came to us, from an only dog home and this is what he's accustomed to. The food aggression is also why I've recommended kids 9 and up. Kobe enjoys adults, kids and other dogs company at the off leash. It's unknown if Kobe is good with cats but I can arrange for a test run if necessary.

Kobe learned to use the yard while in foster care but he's also familiar with doing his business on walks. For this reason, he would manage well in a single or multi dwelling household. He's not a big barker but will let you know when something is going on. He's very well house trained and has had little or no accidents while in our care. He's not too fond of wet grass.

Kobe will make a great companion dog to anyone who opens their heart to him.

Have a look at his introduction for more on his great personality!

Foster Update, August 3, 2011

Kobe continues to love his outings. He's the first to hop in the back of the car and is very eager when the leashes come out. Kobe seeks out the attention of people. His tail wags madly when any one approaches. It could be kids or adults; he's happy to see them all. Earlier this week he was charming folks down at the boardwalk on the lake.

We had the gang out this weekend for a nail trim. While my three were focused on the water bowl, Kobe had his nose glued to the pizza shop window. He waited anxiously to see if someone would come say hello. Following the trip to the groomers, we headed to Grandma's to explore her garden. Again Kobe was more than happy to check out new spaces. Kobe is a very loyal boy. Recently when I had someone watch him for a day, he stayed at the door for 5 hours waiting for my return.

This charming fellow is just waiting someone to open their heart and home to him.



Foster Update, June 9, 2011

Kobe's eyes and ears are clear of infection. He's had two meals of turkey and has had no allergic reaction. He's completed his antibiotics and ear medication. He doesn't require any more follow up visits to the vet. Next steps are to see if I can find a commercial food he can tolerate. Kobe is a very affectionate boy. Although he doesn't dole out kisses, he loves snuggles. In fact, he'll let you hold him like a baby with all limbs spread as long as you're willing and the belly rubs keep coming. He can barely keep his eyes open during a good belly rub. His skin continues to show constant improvement. If things continue to go this smoothly, Kobe will be ready for adoption soon.

Foster Update, June 3, 2011

Kobe's skin is coming along quite nicely. It gets pinker and furrier each and every day. So far he's managed well on beef, pork, lamb, veggies, eggs, cheese and fruit. He had a quick and obvious reaction to chicken. Next step will be to try other fowl. He'll be finished his antibiotics tomorrow. We've got a follow up visit with the vet tonight to check his progress. Kobe will always need ointment for his dry eye. He's pretty darn good about putting drops in his eyes. Now the ear meds are a different story but I can't blame him. Hopefully we're done with that medication tomorrow as well.

Kobe has shed a few pounds which looks really good on him. He's much more playful and peppy than when he first arrived. I guess he's feeling better and more at home. He's not at all shy about asking for snuggles and belly rubs. If you scratch his side in just the right spot, he'll flip over immediately. He still prefers to play with him human companions.

Kobe can barely contain himself when you come home after an outing. He just can't settle until you say hello to him. Kobe is using the back yard with some coaxing. The rest of the gang tootles off out the door while Kobe sits and wags his tail waiting for me to carry him outside. I carry him to the grass and wait until he's done his business before we go back in. You might say he's trained me well.

Kobe just gets more endearing over time. Often the "best behaviour" or honeymoon stage passes and you start seeing different behaviours after a few weeks. With Kobe, he just gets sweeter over time. Once this boy's healthy, he's going to steal some hearts.

Foster Update, May 11, 2011

Kobe has found relief from his itchy belly. His underbelly is showing more pink skin and new hair growth each day. I'm extremely pleased to report that Kobe has also learned to use the backyard. Overall Kobe seems more at ease. He's asking for belly rubs and snuggles and has become familiar with the household routines. Kobe's managing well at the off leash too. Each visit he's off leash a little bit longer and has more or less learned to stay with the group. He's got a vet visit next week Friday to check on his progress.

Foster Update, April 26, 2011

Kobe has a skin condition on his belly that we'll manage with a combination of antibiotics and diet. He also has dry eye in his left eye and a bacterial infection in his ears. Both his eye and belly are responding well to the treatment. I'll pick up the meds for his ears today. We're back to the vet in a month for follow up. His wellness check blood work came back with positive results so he's otherwise healthy. Kobe's settling in well with the gang.

He's well house trained. I still can't convince him the yard is meant for anything but viewing. So we dutifully trek out to the tree in the front yard and Kobe's quick to get to his business. He joins his foster siblings in the back on a nice day but only to sun himself on the deck.

This boy enjoys the big bed and prefers to be touching his human companions before he settles down. On the odd night Kobe tells me it's time to go to bed and darts for the bedroom door while "talking" to me. Kobe likes to spread out on the arm of the couch when he's chilling. I think he'd prefer the top of the couch if mine would accommodate. Kobe's enjoyed his visits to the off leash park. I've only let him off in contained areas where the dogs/people tend to gather but over time perhaps I'll be able to let him run free for the full walk. He's a social creature and was happy to see everyone who crossed his path. Kobe has a soft spot for the guys. He seeks them out and hovers for all the TLC he can take in.





Introduction, April 16, 2011

Kobe's an owner surrender. He's a much loved pug but circumstances changed and he was spending long hours home alone. Kobe's come to rescue to find a home that can give him all the love and attention a sweet boy requires. Kobe's settling in well with his foster clan. He enjoys his toys and a good snuggle on the couch in the evening or in the big bed at night. Like most pugs, he's very much my shadow. He's particularly fond of my son's attentions. Kobe's accustomed to doing his business on a walk so he would do well in a home or apartment. He was quick to figure out how to get around the gate. I'm still hoping my own gang don't learn from my fosters! Kobe has allergies that are making his belly quite itchy. We'll work to find a food that doesn't trigger a reaction. Next week we'll visit the vet and get a wellness check done.