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Kitty - 8 Year Old Female


Kitty has been Adopted

Kitty has been adopted by her foster parents!

Foster Update, July 26, 2014

Kitty has been back to the vet for a recheck on her leg and, so far, she is healing very well. The specialist mentioned that the damage to her leg was quite extensive and this little girl must have a very high threshold for pain. Now that this pain has been resolved, Kitty is an entirely different dog from who she was prior to the surgery. We are trying to keep her quiet and minimize her activity, but now that she is feeling so much better, she is always ready to go. She has also started to do this new "air-biting" thing when we rub her belly and has become much more cuddly ... I'm not even sure how that is possible as she was such a velcro pug before.

We get to resume taking her for short walks at the end of July and then will gradually increase her distance from there. She seems to have put on a couple of pounds during her recovery from the surgery.

All in all, she continues to be an absolute gem. She loves all people and animals that she meets ... with the exception of the squirrels in the yard. Before her surgery, she didn't really pay much attention to the squirrels, but she now feels compelled to attempt to chase them out.


Foster Update, June 25, 2014

Kitty is 1 week post surgery and is doing amazingly well. After her surgery, she has had no swelling or redness in her leg at all and has never needed the collar as she hasn't tried to lick her wound.

Currently, she is still being kept very quiet and we are crating her when we are not home. We tried to keep her in a crate at night as well but that only lasted one night before we had to bring her onto the big bed instead. The first couple of nights I don't think I slept as I was worried that she might attempt to jump off the bed ... but I realized after a couple of nights that she has no interest in being without her people so we have gone back to being able to sleep.

The vet remarked that her leg was really in bad shape so it is great that she was able to have her leg fixed and she must have a very high tolerance for pain.

She goes back to the vet in a week to have her leg checked and see how well it's healing.

Overall she continues to be a joy to have around and is truly a happy girl!

Foster Update, May 20, 2014

Kitty continues to be a joy to have around. Now that she is completely out of her shell...there is no going back. She appears to be having a second puppyhood (or in her case a first). Every night between 9:00-11:00PM, she loves to run around on the bed trying to engage human people and fur people in play. The other night, she got everyone going and was very pleased with herself and leapt off the bed, ran down the hall (spun in circles) ran down the stairs (spun in circles), got a drink of water and then ran back up the stairs...then asked to be let back on the bed and collapsed. Her other favourite game at the moment is to play "roll the teacup poodle". She waits until Simba is asleep and then puts her nose up behind him and lifts. She appears to be a very happy girl now and loves to meet new people now.

She is trying to work on her housetraining, but it is a slow process for her.

She will be having surgery shortly to fix her luxating patella. Once she has recovered from that she will be ready to go.

Foster Update, April 10, 2014

For a while during this winter, Kitty was unable to go up and down the stairs, both in the house and on the outside entrance stairs. However, in the last 2 weeks, she has started to climb stairs again (she really does not like to be left behind). I think that it is a sign that she is starting to get a bit more strength in her back legs.

She is a velcro pug through and through and loves to be with her people. She also is now quite taken with Hercules, her fellow foster brother, and allows him to groom her endlessly.

There has not been much improvement in her housetraining, but she promises me that she is trying her hardest....I think that she may have had too many puppies in her lifetime to be able to have a lot of bladder control.

Kitty is also enjoying the warmer weather and spends the sunny days outside with Hercules. She has not however enjoyed the rain recently and has been hiding when it is walk time.

The other thing about Kitty is that when she first arrived, she had grey eyebrows and a couple of grey hairs throughout her body....now her grey hair is spreading at a very fast rate and she now has what looks like an incredibly expressive face. She is a doll.



Foster Update, March 16, 2014

Kitty continues to be an absolute doll. She loves everyone she meets (furry and people). However, she continues to be afraid of my husband and any loud noises. We are working on slowly exposing her to louder noises and my husband, but I have a suspicion that she was very isolated for most of her life and hasn't had great experiences with men. Kitty does love my kids though and likes to bed hop in the morning to avoid going outside. You can always find her in the bed of the person who is sleeping the latest. My younger daughter is normally the culprit and she loves to use Kitty as a pillow.

I suspect that because she has had so many puppies in her lifetime that she has very poor bladder control. For the most part, she is now able to go outside to do her business, but she often seems to leak a bit just sitting down.

She has become really playful and loves to engage us in playing with her. This past weekend she decided that she wanted to play in the middle of the night and started to nibble on the inside of my arm to get my attention. If it hadn't been so cute, I may have gotten a bit upset.

The other thing that Kitty loves is to play and cuddle with her foster brother, Hercules. She also let's him groom her incessantly. They are now a very bonded pair and follow me and each other around the house always. It's very cute!


Foster Update, February 10, 2014

Kitty continues to be a doll. She loves all the new people that she continues to meet. However, she does not love her new foster pal, Hercules (no matter how hard he tries to convince her otherwise). Kitty is finally the boss of another dog and she really enjoys it. When she is awake, she avoids him, but they have started to nap and cuddle together at night.

Kitty also loves to play with her human people and really loves to cuddle with us first thing in the morning.

She is making strides in housetraining, but still has the odd accident ... particularly when it is cold outside.

She is also still on her diet, but that also continues to go slowly.

Foster Update, January 18, 2014

Kitty had a fantastic holiday season. She was able to experience a real Xmas vacation in the Great White North of Northern Ontario. She also loved opening her stockings on Christmas morning and enjoyed her new treats and toys.

I think Kitty may have had the best Christmas ever as all of the humans in the house came down with the flu and were forced to remain in bed from Dec 30th to Jan 7th ... so basically Kitty got unlimited time in bed with her people and her furry friends and only had to leave the bed to go outside or eat ... best days ever! Kitty is a velcro pug and to have all of her people in one place for that long was heaven for her ... not so much for us though.

The unfortunate part about being in Northern Ontario over the holidays was that it was very cold. We could only convince Kitty to go outside to do her business and then she would race back in the house, trying to hold up all 4 paws at once.

Kitty was able to meet even more new people over the holidays and the one thing that almost everyone said was that they feel a connection to her and they would inquire about how to adopt her when she is ready to go!

She continues to work on her house-training and, at this point, only has a couple of accidents a week. She is also working on losing weight and that is also going slowly. However, overall Kitty is doing fantastically and captures the hearts of everyone she meets! She will make one special family extremely happy once she's adopted!

Foster Update, December 9, 2013

When we had our first major snowfall in Newmarket (a week or so ago), Kitty decided that she loved the snow....she was running in and out of the house all night. Finally, at about 11:00PM (when we all needed to go to bed), we finally convinced her that it was time to come in for the night. She crashed that night and slept in the next day. However, when the temperature had dropped by the next morning, she changed her opinion on snow and decided that she didn't love it as much as she thought she did.

Kitty also isn't a big fan of our Christmas tree. She has discovered her voice in the weeks since our last foster was adopted and has taken to patrolling the living room at night, barking at our Christmas tree. It's pretty amusing!

She is working hard on her diet, but losing weight is going very slowly for her. She doesn't eat a lot and gets a lot of exercise so it is a bit of a puzzle as to why she has such a hard time losing the weight. We'll keep trying though! She has also decided that going up and down the stairs isn't for her so we just carry her up and down. We figure that it's a good idea given the issue with her knee, plus she loves to hug us when she's in our arms....it's a win win for everyone!

Kitty also tries very hard with her housetraining, but is not always successful. She still has about 2 accidents a day, but she is kind enough to hide it on us so we don't always see right away.

Overall, Kitty is a funny and adorable little pug and she continues to charm each and every person and dog that she meets!


Foster Update, November 2, 2013

Kitty is continuing to make progress in her fearfulness and her housetraining. She now charges to the front door like the rest of my crazy crew and greets new people in the house happily and readily. She is still a bit afraid when there are crowds, but she is doing so much better every day.

She is getting better with her housetraining, but that is also a work in progress.

She does absolutely adore small children as well as any and all new dogs that she meets.

She was not happy however with her Halloween costumes but I took pictures anyway for everyone's enjoyment.

Overall, Kitty is just a sweetheart who will make one family very happy!



Foster Update, October 1, 2013

Kitty continues to melt the hearts of everyone she meets. She is such a love and just loves to be near her people and her dogs. Everyone who meets her wants to take her home with them.

She has come a long way in terms of confidence in the last few weeks. She used to wait at the end of the pack of dogs for someone to say hello to her and she now wiggles her way to the front of the line.

She also loves to play with the other dogs and all the people in the house. She particularly likes to play at bedtime every night....when I am trying to get my kids to sleep. She is currently up on the back of the couch while I type this with her head on the top of my head.

Kitty has put on a bit of weight and we are working diligently to get the weight off so that she will be ready to have luxating patella surgery....we are trying, but she is really enjoying eating everything she can find and scam from the other dogs in the house.

She is still working on her house training and is doing better all the time. Sometimes, she does leak a little when she's sleeping, but that is most likely from all the babies that she's had in the past.

She is not food aggressive or have even the slightest hint of a mean bone in her body ... she is a sweetheart!

Foster Update, September 11, 2013

We brought Kitty to the vet for her check-up and she has been declared in good overall health - her hookworm has been cured, her eyes are good and clear and she was microchipped. However, she needs to lose a couple of pounds (but really what pug doesn't need to lose at least a couple of pounds). She was a very good girl for the vet, but very scared. She also met the clinic cat and was very afraid of him....a Kitty afraid of kitties!

She is a very lovely girl and everyone with whom we've come in contact inquires about adopting her.

She loves to sleep on the big bed at night (at the end of the bed) and loves to be with her people as much as possible. She has also become very attached to Lexi while she has been with us. Overall, she is just a doll of a girl!




Introduction, July 15, 2013

Kitty is an approximately 8 year old beautiful black pug. She is a puppy mill survivor who has had a bit of a transient life to this point, The shelter that she came from completed most, if not all, of her vetting. She appears to be the perfect weight for her height (a rarity in the pug world).

As she has been getting used to our house and both the small human children and furry children, she is really starting to show her character. She loves all other dogs and people that with whom she comes into contact. She has become particularly attached to my 3 pound teacup poodle and our other foster dog Lexi. She really loves to hang out with people as well.

She only has 2 traits that would make her less than perfect:

  • Due to her early start in life, she is not quite housetrained yet. She has come along way in the last couple of weeks, but still has a way to go.
  • When she is in a particularly playful mood, she loves to chew on my hand like it's bubble gum. She has gotten a lot better in the last couple of weeks, but she still has a way to go with this as well.

Over the past weekend, when it was really hot outside, we tried to keep her in the air conditioning, but she insisted on coming outside to play with us. She spent most of Sunday looking for shade in the yard and playing with the other dogs and people. By dinner time last night, she was out cold on the big bed.

I can't stress enough what a loving and lovely girl she is and anyone would be lucky to have her.