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Kim-Soo (November 2,1995 - May 15, 2010)


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Kim-Soo has Gone to the Bridge

Carried into our house for the first time 14 years ago in the sleeve of Daddy's leather jacket (she was exploring!), Kimmy was a bundle of happiness and energy. From the moment her daddy said, "we'll take her", she won the heart of everyone she met with her enthusiastic tail-waggling and bright-eyed smile. Yes, Kimmy has always been her Daddy's girl but she was my Bright Button too. How she loved to play and could she ever run! I called her Sporty Pug. Everything she did was over the top, including spraying anal gland juice all over the kitchen walls! She loved to lick watches and pillows and especially faces. She loved car rides and playing tug and watching TV with her dad. Every time he came home, whether it was after a few hours or a few days, she'd come to him to be picked up, tail wagging vigorously like a retriever and snuggle into his arms like it was the best place on earth (which it was). She was always a good girl but she did get into some odd situations, like the time we inadvertently left the pantry door open and came home to find Kimmy passed out in the middle of the kitchen floor with a stomach the size of a balloon She had gotten into the container of kibble and eaten most of it! She loved her meals and after each one would come to me for a belly rub until she belched like a beer-guzzling sailor. She was our Funny Valentine.

When she was a little over two years old, those awful allergies started and she went through years of testing, medications and allergy shots until one weekend in April, 2005 we thought we were losing her. We didn't want Mei-Ling to be alone so we decided to adopt a rescue pug -- Denver. During the adoption interview, we learned about canine allergies to grains and other foods, and the benefits of feeding raw. Although dubious, we switched Kimmy over to grain-free kibble and then raw food. In one month the change was amazing and we got our little girl back. No more scratching herself raw; no more hives, infected pustules and runny nose; no more steroids and shots. That revelation gave us Kimmy for 5 more years during which time her experiences helped many other pugs with similar health issues. But the years of medications and compromised immune system took their toll and Kimmy suffered from blindness (cataracts), recurrent ear infections and an increasing assortment of lumps and bumps. Lately, she had chronic nose roll infections and finally painful styes in the eyes. Life became too much of a struggle and it was time to send her on her way to the Rainbow Bridge to play with Mei-Ling, Daisy-Bo and Jake. Today, once again in her daddy's arms, she flew away, leaving her dysfunctional body and wonderful memories behind.

Goodbye for now, my Cutie-Patootie. You were the bravest and sweetest little person I've ever known. When I meet you again, I'll give you lots of boobers on your tummy and tum-tum-tumblies. Daddy and I will miss you like mad and love you forever.

[Dear reader -- If your pug has been helped over the years by advice about nutrition and allergies because of my experience with Kim-Soo, please consider making a memorial donation to Pugalug Pug Rescue so pugs coming into our foster programme can be helped medically as well. She would have liked that.]