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Kaia - 2 Year Old Female


Happy Tails, February 17, 2012

Kaia (now Katie) has joined our family and fits so nicely. Katie is a sweet little girl with lots of kisses for the asking! Pook is starting to really enjoy his new little sister! Thank you Pugalug (and Louise) for introducing us!



Kaia is such a little darling. She is a happy little girl when she is in familiar surroundings and her whole body wriggles with joy. She is very shy and frightened with strangers still, but once she gets to know and trust you, she'll give you her all. Kaia is happiest when she is with her human companion, so a home with someone home most of the day would suit Kaia best. Kaia had her nose procedure follow up at the vet on Friday and she is breathing much easier now.

Kaia also enjoys the company of other dogs and is learning to play. It has taken her some time to understand that when the resident pugs are playing, they are not being aggressive. For some time she would get upset watching them play and try to intervene. Now she joins in on the fun!

Kaia loves to run, play and investigate but is also happy just to curl up in your lap. A home with a yard would be best for her. Kaia loves to go for car rides and will sit happily in the passenger seat. Her favourite treats are grain-free ginger biscuits and apple slices.


Foster Update, November 2, 2011

Kaia has been doing extremely well. She is the sweetest little girl who has so much love to give. When we return from an outing, Kaia immediately runs to find a present to give us (toys, deer antlers, dirty socks). She speaks to us with whimpering sounds when she's happy. Kaia loves to be with her human companion at all times, a true lap dog. She enjoys sleeping in the big bed with her human. Be prepared to be woken up with kisses. What better way is there to start the day?

Kaia gets along well with the resident pugs, likes to run and play chase in the yard with them and she grooms them at bedtime. She enjoys the company of other dogs as well as humans.

Kaia will likely need a small procedure done to her nose to open the airways. We are looking into this now.


Introduction, September 30, 2011

Kaia is a very sweet and tiny 3 year old girl. She has settled in at her foster home easily and is getting to know the three resident pugs. She loves to be on your lap, snuggle and give lots of kisses. She's been having fun running around our large yard and chasing her new pug friends. Kaia is a very affectionate little girl who has lots of love to give.

Kaia has an appointment with the vet on Oct. 11 for a wellness check and microchip insertion. Stayed tuned for more on Kaia!