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JP - 7 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, May 19, 2012

J.P continued to settle in as our foster dog and he was such a dream to have around that we just couldn't part with him. Pugalug granted our request to adopt him and J.P. has officially been our dog for about a month. During that time, he has been happily traveling all over southern Ontario and some parts of the US during that time (hence the delay in the happy tails posting!). He doesn't mind all the traveling though because he loves car rides - even the long ones - and his hilarious antics make traveling even more fun! He also loves his nylabones and gets quite excited if one of his fur-siblings is chewing on one while he is not. His solution - to bark at his sibs until they give it to him, or until his humans go find him one of his own. It's pretty amusing to watch him try to convince his fur-siblings to share!

J.P. has mastered the routine around the house ... perhaps a little too well. We're pretty sure he wakes up before the alarm so he can be up and at 'em the second that it beeps. We've never seen such excitement over breakfast (and our first pug LOVES his meal times!). He's learning to sit nicely before he eats even if he is vibrating while he does it! He is also enjoying his backyard explorations now that the weather is nice and he always finds new things to investigate. Here are some pictures of him during some of these investigations and a couple of him with his nylabones too!


Adopted, April 14, 2012

JP has been adopted by his foster parents! More info and a happy tails soon.

Foster Update, March 5, 2012

J.P. continues to settle in quite well.

He had his check-up at the vet and was scheduled in for dental surgery. He had 7 loose teeth removed and the rest were given a good cleaning. He came through surgery like a trooper. The vet did note that J.P's jaw is shifted slightly to the left but this is most likely just how he developed and should't be a problem in the future. He still has a bit of a cough, which was aggravated by the intubation, but it's getting better and should be gone in no time. His blood work and fecal testing were perfect, and although he could lose a few pounds, and he has been given a clean bill of health!

Behaviourally, J.P. knows the basics. He can sit, comes when called and walks well on the leash. He also does well when left alone. We put him in our x-pen in the kitchen with a chew toy and a dog bed. He does very well in there. He can also be left without being in the x-pen as long as it's only for a couple of hours. He does mark occasionally but it seems to be more of an issue with understanding his "I need to go out" signals than an actual marking issue. We are getting better at understanding him and he does well when restricted to smaller areas of the house. He has been on a few car rides and waits patiently until the door is opened and then hops onto the passenger seat all by himself. Once the ride begins, he promptly falls asleep until we arrive at our destination.

J.P. has been getting along wonderfully with the resident dogs and also had a chance to visit with my parents' dogs over the Family Day weekend and he loved them too. J.P. is a saucy and playful pug and very vocal in his pursuit of a playmate. He enjoys playing tug-of-war with the resident pug and playing tag with the resident chihuahua. He is also very affectionate toward both his human and canine friends and loves nothing more than showering them with licks. My pug seemed unsure about this affection at first but now seems to enjoy his daily grooming by his new pug friend.

J.P. is also happy to settle down and cuddle with his foster dad and myself. He especially enjoys chewing on nylabones and antlers during his downtime, which should keep his freshly cleaned teeth in good shape for the future! He sleeps well in the big bed as well in a crate and is up and raring to go come morning.

All in all, J.P. is a wonderfully sweet pug and he will make a fabulous addition to one special family!

Introduction, February 5, 2012

This lovely guy was surrendered by his owners due to changes in their family circumstances, but he has definitely been well-loved! He is a cuddly and playful pug, who has been enjoying his "pug runs" in our backyard for the past few days. He is recovering from a cough and needs to lose a bit of weight, which will be addressed during his vet visit next week. He hasn't let either issue slow him down though and he has been a delightful fellow thus far!